Kérastase Cristalliste Cristal Sculpt Turns Long, Unruly Hair Into Silk

Kérastase Cristalliste Cristal Sculpt Turns Long, Unruly Hair Into Silk

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Well, I’ve done it. And I’m proud. That’s right – I’ve used a silicone product on my hair, and it’s made my hair so freakin’ silky and manageable I can barely believe it. I received samples of Kerastase Cristalliste Cristal Sculpt, $47 (a serum for long unruly hair) and Masque Cristal, $58 ( a conditioning mask for long hair). Well, I love ’em both. I’ll talk more about the Masque Cristal in another post, but I can sure tell you how much I love the Cristal Sculpt! It appears that the Cristalliste line is designed primarily for long hair, but even shorter hair that tends to misbehave and is unruly or dry would benefit from these products.

kerastase cristalliste insta products

Yes, it’s a serum. Yes, it has silicone. But it is such a beautifully balanced formula that it avoids the issues one can get from silicone-heavy hair serums. It is also literally balanced in that it is two formulas that come together when you pump the cap. It took a little priming to get the products out simultaneously. Each formula serves a different purpose – one treats and conditions the hair, and the other adds shine and a silky texture. It also seems to be particularly beneficial for long unruly hair. From Kerastase:

This product’s unique characteristic is its dual-action  effectiveness: a serum to repair the hair and a gloss to make it beautifully shiny.
– The serum formula is enriched with AHA: This molecule, often better known for its skin care benefits, helps to strengthen the interior of the hair fibre
– The mirror-like texture of the gloss acts as a light reflector by smoothing the fibre while Ceramide fills in fissures to perfect the surface of the hair. Its second-skin texture is permissive, making easier all the hairstyles.

It’s kind of vague ingredient-wise, but when a product delivers the results I got from Kerastase Cristal Sculpt, it’s enough for me. It’s the high quality of the raw materials in this serum that set it apart from others I’ve tried. It’s such a perfectly diluted silicone that it never weighs the hair down, and just leaves it perfectly smooth and silky. I’ve been “test driving” Cristal Sculpt in hot summer temperatures around 40 degrees C, high humidity and in a convertible. At the end of the day, I barely need to brush my hair, and can just run my fingers through it for a soft style. In these photos (taken at the end of that hot, cabrio driving day) I used the Cristal Sculpt on wet hair, and then combed it through. I added a bit of ICON Protein Gel (perfect for soft waves, btw) and then used a small barrelled round brush to dry 5 pieces of hair on my crown. I let the rest air dry. I’m pretty happy with the results. It has a very soft sweet fruity scent that I actually love. It doesn’t last at all in the hair, so it won’t interfere with your perfume.

Kérastase Cristalline Cristal Sculpt Daly Beauty Blog

Kérastase Cristalline Cristal Sculpt Daly Beauty Blog

Kérastase Cristalline Cristal Sculpt Daly Beauty Blog

To keep hair bouncy and soft when you’re using a silicone product, using a shampoo that will remove build up and clarify the hair from the time to time is a must. I’m pretty sure most of the silicones in Cristal Sculpt are water soluble so that also adds to it’s luxe and light texutre. Cristal Sculpt add shin Verdict? Love. Can’t imagine not having this around, and my wallet is already hiding because I want the Bain Cristal shampoo for thick hair ($37) that goes with this line. You can find Kérastase products at authorized salons, check here for Canadian salons. You can find Kerastase international locations here.

Klorane Mango Butter Range for Damaged Hair

Klorane Mango Butter Range for Damaged Hair

Klorane Mango Butter shampoo conditioner

I’ve always loved Klorane. It’s an elegant French line of botanical hair products, whose philosophy is a based on a passion for plants and nature. Created in the South of France in 1966 by the pharmacist Pierre Fabre and one of the largest privately owned pharmaceutical companies in France. All cosmetics are designed with the same quality requirements as medicines. They take their beauty seriously, and for me, who has a fetish with all things French pharmaceutical (seriously, I LOVE shopping in French pharmacies) Klorane makes me feel like I am treating my hair to the best of all possible beauty options. So I decided to take the Klorane Mango Butter line for a spin. After spending some time in the sun, chlorinated water, and then back to winter and dry central heating, not to mention a few highlights here and there (ahem), my hair qualifies as chemically treated. I call that “fragile”. Add heat styling, and you have a recipe for doing damage.

Klorane Mango Butter mask

Firstly, the smell! Mangos, glorious mangos! Each of the product in the line smells like beautiful yummy mangos, with any added sweetness or synthetic notes. Just pure and gentle. It lingers in the hair for a few hours after styling, but you can only smell it if you bury your nose in your hair. The shampoo is rich and creamy and was easy to work through my thick hair. It does have some sulfates but by now we all know that there are sulfates that are a) not bad and b) necessary for actually cleaning your hair.  So I have the Mango Butter Klorane Conditioner and Klorane Mask and have used both. The Conditioner would be a good choice for someone with finer or shorter hair than mine, as it just wasn’t detangling enough. But the Mask with Mango Butter was incredible! And I imagine if one had fine hair, the mask might be too heavy so between the Mask and Conditioner with Mango Butter there is something for everyone. I only needed a tiny bit of the Mask to coat the lower half of my hair and I just let it sit while I did the rest of my shower business- scrub, loofah, face mask, foot scrub…etc. The Klorane Mask with mango butter rinsed out and left me with tangle free soft locks that were easy to comb. This is an accomplishment!

klorane-leave-in-fluid-with-mango-3oz Klorane Mango Oil Spray

So before I undertook the gargantuan task of blow drying my hair (which, to be fair, takes less time because of my Goody Quik Style Comb)  I applied the Klorane Leave-In Fluid with Mango Butter to the ends of my hair. It has more of a creamy texture than a fluid, and applied smoothly and easily. I then followed with a few spritzes of the Mango Oil Spray. The Mango Oil Spray is waterproof and protects hair from the sun – I wish I’d had it in Florida! At any rate, it certainly prepares the hair beautifully for heat styling and can be used after heat styling to tame flyaways, static and add a healthy shine that protects the hair. It smells amazing, is silicone free, so it won’t build up, and adds gorgeous shimmer and shine. I am all about shiny hair! And hair that smells amazing? A bonus.


I love it when my hairs smells fruity

Verdict? LOVE. Won’t be without. I have several hair care options that I love and the Klorane Mango Butter line is perfect for when my hair needs some tender loving care. And I won’t hit up the beach or the pool again without my Mango Oil Spray!

The Klorane Mango Butter line ranges in cost fro $6-$24 and is available at Klorane.com and select drugstores in Canada, Europe and the US. American buyers can check availability here.

ICON India 24k Richly Exotic Masque – Silky Hair That Shines Like Gold

ICON India 24k Richly Exotic Masque – Silky Hair That Shines Like Gold

photo 1-2

As you know, I seriously love the India line from ICON hair products. The India Shampoo cleans my hair beautifully without drying it out, and the India Conditioner makes my hair silky and manageable without weighing it down. ICON India has made it’s way into Holy Grail Hair Prodz Status in my arsenal, and I can’t imagine being without it. But with winter dryness and wanting to use heated styling products, long chemically treated hair sometimes a deep conditioner is required. I am still using and loving my Aroma M Camellia Hair Oil but I’ve added another hair product to my must-haves. The ICON India 24k Richly Exotic Masque is gorgeous and rich and has actual gold dust in it.  I swear it makes my hair so soft and silky and also so shiny! I stopped my salon yesterday and made everyone touch my hair, I’m so in love with this stuff! My stylist agrees that my hair is super soft and shiny, and she should know!

ICON India 24k Masque

Note the shimmery gold flecks – spatula included.

From the ICON site:

Change hair’s inner core with pure gold micro-bursts and microscopic mixers. Restorative Moringa, Argan, Amber oils are joined by Coconut and Olive Fruit Tree oils to hydrate, nourish, strengthen.

Daly Beauty Icon India 24k Masque

All I did was shampoo as I normally would, comb through the ICON India 24k Richly Exotic Masque, twist up my hair & tuck it into a plastic shower cap while I do the rest of my shower routine, 5 ish minutes, then rinse. Ta-da! Gorgeous silky touchable hair. Verdict? Will never be without it.

Daly Beauty ICON India 24k Masque


The ICON Indai 24k Richly Exotic Mask is around $40. ICON products are available at select salons. I got mine at Salon Ravello

Batiste Dry Shampoo Means Beautiful Hair Every Day

Batiste Dry Shampoo Means Beautiful Hair Every Day

This is a Public Service Announcement for those of you who don’t have Batiste Dry Shampoo spray in your bathroom cabinets. People! You are blow drying more than necessary! Put down that blow dryer and read on…

Dry shampoo sprays are everywhere now. Every hair product company seems to have one out these days, as I think we have finally realized our unhealthy obsession with washing our hair too much and how too much blow drying and straightening is bad for our hair. I frankly like slightly dirty hair as it styles better and looks more natural. But flat greasy hair is Not Good and a dry shampoo is a perfect solution. I have tried two kinds- a hair powder and a powdery spray. I prefer the spray as it allows more control of the product and you can direct it right at your roots where it is needed.  A nice wide pouffe of spray is also good as it covers more hair and is less concentrated in one area. This is a good thing because these are powdery products and overuse can give you whitish grey roots. Although for blondes, it really helps when those roots start to look darker when you haven’t shampooed.

Most dry shampoos range in price from around $7 (the WORST, TreSemme, made my hair look dirtier and smelled like plastic melons)-  to around $30 (Ojon and Oscar Blandi- good but not better than Batiste, why pay more?). I have wanted to review Batiste for awhile but wanted to try a few before doing so. I have tried around 7 of them and finally gave up. Not one was better than Batiste, and at around $8 I will happily stay with this one. It is an older product that has been around for “ages” but I couldn’t find out exactly when it was launched. I have contacted the company and hope to hear from them. The Original Batiste spray has a soft lemon scent (think Jean Nate) that disappears within minutes of application. The Blush is more floral but again, quite benign and doesn’t last long enough to interfere with any perfume you might be wearing. However they both are effective at making your hair smell and look clean and fresh. A great way to eliminate cooking smells as well.

One terrific added benefit of Batiste is that it adds texture and body/thickness to your hair. That 70s semi matte natural yet slightly big hair look that is everywhere this season is helped along wonderfully with Batiste!  The biggest proponent of Batiste is my daughter Emilie. She has fine silky gorgeous hair but an oily scalp that contributes to flat hair if not washed all. The. Time. I have seen her wash her hair twice a day because it make her so crazy. Since Batiste she can go three to four days. Seriously.

If you are like me, you spend time and/or money getting that gorgeous blow dry. And, I don’t have time to do that every morning. Grab yourself a cute vintage-y looking shower cap and leave that shampoo for another time! A few spritzes of Batiste and your hair is fresh as a daisy. Now go get some, you will thank me for it!

I got my Batiste at Shoppers Drug Mart but Sally Beauty has it and I have even seen it at Winners for $6.

Smooth Beautiful Hair by Living Proof

My daughter Brigit and I have been officially using Living Proof No-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner exclusively for the past 3 weeks. Wow! Colour us impressed. I am still amazed at how when I comb out my wet hair I need no leave in conditioner spray or cream, and no smoothing serums. Seriously- this is a first. I had a few more highlights and lowlights done 2 weeks ago and that usually dries my hair out a bit necessitating extra conditioning, serum, detangling etc etc. Not anymore. Did I mentioned that I am amazed?
Brigit and I took the Straight Styling Cream for a test drive and we are both loving it. Again, I need to stress the lack of extra products used. 
For smooth straight hair I have always needed:
– deep conditioner
– leave in conditioner
– silicone serum/ Moroccan oil type product
– spray on silicone shine serum
– smoothing cream
Wow. Not low maintenance at all which explains my extreme laziness and refusal to blow dry my mop. No more! All I need is Living Proof Shampoo and Conditioner and Straight Styling Cream and my hair is soft, silky, flowing, smooth and straight. I still have a bit of my wave come through, which is fine with me. Public Service Announcement ladies- the pin straight, flat ironed hair look is OUT. It looks dead and unnatural, which is never a good thing. Pics are from my phone so not the best quality but  you get the idea…..it feels as a soft as it looks! Brigit had the straight blow dry but went to leadership camp this weekend. She was too tired for a blow dry and is curly today. But, they are smooth pretty curls!

Living Proof products are available online on the Living Proof website and on the Sephora website, and in Sephora stores as well.