CHANEL Holidays 2016 – Collection Libre SYNTHETIC DE CHANEL Review & Swatches

HOLIDAYS 2016 COLLECTION LIBRE SYNTHETIC DE CHANEL Audacious, contemporary and unexpected, SYNTHETIC DE CHANEL is the 1st COLLECTION LIBRE developed by Lucia Pica and the Makeup Creation Studio. Inspired by cityscapes and urban materials, Lucia Pica envisioned this collection as…

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CHANEL LE ROUGE COLLECTION No1 Fall 2016: Review And Swatches

Oh my heavens. This collection.  Chanel’s new global creative makeup and colour designer Lucia Pica decided to make her debut in a great way, using Coco Chanel’s favourite colour, red, and launching an entire seasonal makeup collection in various fantastic shades of…

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CHANEL surprised everyone the first time they tweaked their iconic No 5 fragrance in 2007 with the unexpectedly gorgeous CHANEL No5 Eau Premiere. No5 Eau Premiere was softened version of the classic No5, with a gentle airy powdery vibe, a fizzy…

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CHANEL Summer 2016: Dans La Lumière de L’Été Review & Swatches

Oh CHANEL, you’ve done it again. You released a stunning dark purple polish for Spring 2016, and now for Summer 2016, it’s khaki greens, with tones of orange and gold. Unexpected but oh so welcome! CHANEL’s Summer 2016 makeup collection…

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Beauty Vibing With The CHANEL LA Sunrise Spring 2016 Collection

Chanel LA Sunrise Collection for spring 2016 is breathtaking. The colours absolutely pop without being jarring or bold. From their website: Discover a colour collection that reveals the vibrant mood of an endless Los Angeles summer. Flashes of purple, teal…

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Chanel Fortissimo Is My New Favourite Blue Nail Polish

I recently had a hankering for a dark navy blue polish with shimmer – yes, my hankerings are *that* specific. An,d while I love Chanel Blue Satin, it somehow felt too dark for summer. It’s a rather awesome “too blue…

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Little Luxuries & Pampering In The Beauty Department

Sometimes all it takes is a little beauty treat to lift our spirits and make us feel pampered. And lifted spirits and pampering are good things. Taking time to treat ourselves, or someone we love, or even better, treating ourselves…

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Report From The Rabbit Hole: I Got 2 New Gorgeous Chanel Nail Polishes

Chanel, how do you do that magic you do? Because you do it so well! Coco help me, but I cannot resist a delicious Chanel nail polish. They are my nail polish Kryptonite. This spring, they released a trio of…

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Be My Valentine And Let’s Play With Pretty Makeup

I love pretty pink makeup. There is a shade of pink for everyone, from deep fuchsia to soft baby powder pink. There is blue pink, and coral pink. Pink is a flattering shade, as it mimics a healthy flush in the…

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