Omorovicza Skincare & Queen Of Hungary Water

  I was so excited to try Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Water, if for no other reason than the history and weight behind the name. As a perfume fanatic, Queen of Hungary Water is famous for being the worlds first…

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Pixi Beauty Skin Treats review dalybeauty

I Owe My Glow To The Magic In pixi beauty Skin Treats

  Can we talk about the nails in the above vintage ad? On point – looks like Dior Lady, which I adore. Let me know if you can think of any pinks that would match this shade. I want the…

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dalybeauty double cleansing review

Have You Tried Double Cleansing? Here’s How I Do It

It seems everyone is talking about double cleansing these days, and for good reason. I sort of dismissed it as an extra step I didn’t need. But, like a trooper, I tried it. And I really liked it! My face…

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Bella Aura Skin review dalybeauty

Natural Skincare That’s Clean, Luxurious And Effective: Bella Aura

I recently had the opportunity to experience a new natural skincare line called Bella Aura. This Canadian line is the ultimate in “clean beauty”, using the “finest natural ingredients in the world”. Bella Aura was created by Yasmine Jones, who is…

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Skin Having a Seasonal Freak Out? Calm It With Consonant Skincare And Osmia Organics.

Ah, our skin. We finally get our zits/dry patches/insert your issue here under control then BAM. The seasons change and it all goes to hell. I’m certain that somehow our hormones get involved but I’m no doctor so that’s just…

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My Clarisonic® Mia 2 Has Made Washing My Face A Bionic Experience

I joined the revolution! The Sonic Revolution, that is! I resisted as long as I could, but after hearing from one person after the other how happy they were with their Clarisonic® Face Brush cleaning system. I was sure I…

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Pond’s Cold Cream, No Wrinkles & Mineral Oil Myths

Lately I’ve been testing a lot of mascaras, and mostly mascaras of the waterproof variety. I have very oily skin, and for some reason non-waterproof mascara just melts off my skin.  The racoon eyes look does not work for me,…

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Different Kinds of Cleansers And Why I Like Them All. Bulletin: My Skin Is Fickle

I recently got an email asking me which cleanser I might recommend for someone with combination skin. She did not want a cleanser that would dry the skin, and is using retinols on her skin. That got me to thinking…

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Cleanse Your Way To Brighter More Radiant Skin – Vichy ProEVEN

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan Vichy skincare, and in particular the ProEVEN line of products. I cannot be without my ProEVEN cream, and both of my daughters use it as well. You can read about my…

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washing face dove soap dalybeauty

Yeah, That’s Right. I’m Washing My Face With Dove Soap.

Oh, how I love  Dove Beauty Bar. I love the way it smells, the way it looks, and the soft fluffy clean lather I get from it. Many years ago I owned a home cleaning business (one of our city’s…

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