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My Everyday Makeup Routine And Product Breakdown

Ok after getting many requests, here is the lowdown on my favourite easy beauty items. I keep it fairly simple and have favourites that remain in my collection regardless of the many things I try. Yes sometimes new releases are…

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Bronze & Natural Make Up: Easy & Natural

I am always getting asked to post more makeup looks, so I thought this easy peasy bronze and brown toned look would be a great start. I used the following makeup items, with details below the photo. The photo above…

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Good Things: More Sunscreens for Sexy Glowing Skin

It’s indeed a good sign that my posts on sunscreen are so popular. We all know now that we have to protect our skin. This morning I did a segment on CTV Ottawa and mentioned some terrific sunscreen options. Here…

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The Best Sunscreens For Sexy Skin: Hampton Sun, Vichy, Bioderma, Consonant & Jane Iredale

Why “sexy” you say? Because sunburnt skin is so NOT sexy, but soft, warm and glowy skin is. It makes you feel good, and feeling good is ninety nine percent of being sexy. I abused the sun in my youth,…

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