L’Occitane Shea Butter – The Only Lip Balm For The Polar Vortex

L’Occitane Shea Butter – The Only Lip Balm For The Polar Vortex

Whenever I go to my girlfriend’s house (slumber parties, girl’s night’s out, etc) there is always a tube of L’Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm Stick. It’s stick, in the classic Chapstick manner, and she told me that it was The Best Lip Balm Ever. Well, this is no small praise, as my friend is fellow beauty junkie lover, so her opinion was to be taken seriously. Obviously, I had to get it. I actually got a few, and it’s a good thing too. The Polar Vortex has hit us hard up in Canada. It’s flipping freezing. This lip balm is exactly what it purports to be – a rich lip balm. The stick is solid yet the balm glides on smoothly. L’Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm Stick has a very soft, barely noticeable scent and taste, which makes it easy to wear all day long. Guys – this is perfect for you. The finish on the lips is very soft and pretty much a matte/satin finish, so you won’t look like you’re wearing lip gloss. It costs around $10, which is reasonable, as this lip balm is really rich and long lasting. I got mine at our local L’Occitane boutique, as the Canadian website was out of stock. The US site has them online here.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm Stick

Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips – Lip Protection Gets Pretty

Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips – Lip Protection Gets Pretty

Nothing beats the old standby, Vaseline jelly, for protecting our tender lips from the elements. Vaseline protects, promotes healing and leaves a soft sheen to the lips. I spotted this teeny tiny Vaseline Lip Therapy jar at the drugstore, and, lo and behold, it was tinted a deep pink! Lip balm junkie that I am, I bought five – two for my daughters and a couple back ups for moi. We all love it and at the easy cost of $2, it has quickly become a Purse Necessity.

It reminds me of Smith’s Rosebud Salve, but less shiny/glossy, which I prefer. It has a very soft and sweet rose scent, also softer that Smith’s Rosebud Salve. It feels and behaves on the lip just as you would expect petrolatum would – softens, but doesn’t last long on the lips. Which is why it’s perfect for the purse. I got mind at Walgreens, but Rosy Lips is not listed on the US Vaseline site. It’s listed on the UK site, but it’s in a cute little retro tin.

vaseline rosy lips


Deep Penetrating Lip Lubrication from Balm Chicky Balm Balm – Oh Yeah.

Deep Penetrating Lip Lubrication from Balm Chicky Balm Balm – Oh Yeah.

Goodness knows, I loves me some lip balms. Lip balms that moisturize – great! Even better? Tasty ones. Best? Tasty lip balms that do the job in cute containers. I’m so visual when it comes to my beauty products. Fun and jazzy packaging, while it doesn’t usually indicate efficacy or improve performance, always manages to impress. It’s pretty hard to be innovative in the lip balm packaging department, but Balm Chicky managed to do it!

Wild Mountain Honey - my favourite!

Wild Mountain Honey – my favourite!

Balm Chicky Balm Balm is a super cute and groovy company that makes awesome lip balms. Say it nice and slow, like s “special” movie soundtrack – Balm Chicky Balm Balm….get it? From their site:

Balm Chicky is about sexy, playful, confident expressions of sexuality – the glory days of over acting, feathered hair and roller disco. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and believe your cosmetics should reflect who’s underneath – spread our balm across your lips then strut your stuff to your very own bass line. Balm Chicky Balm Balm! Moistening Lips, Everywhere!

Olivia Newton John, reigning Queen of roller disco & flipped hair.

Olivia Newton John, reigning Queen of roller disco & flipped hair.

They had me at feathered hair and roller disco, and they kept me with their yummy balms. They are in a nice big stick which has around three times as much lip balm as a standard lip balm stick, and they are beautifully emollient. They have soft, yummy flavours like Juicy Melons (lol), Sweet Baby Ginger, Huge Cucumber, Wild Mountain Honey (my fave!) and Hot Chocolate Love. I use Wild Mountain Honey all the time and love it! But -the coolest part of Balm Chicky Balm Balm is The Friend End on the stick. That’s right. At the “other” end of the balm is a flip top cap with a separate supply of lip balm. So when you break out your lip balm and your friend says they need some too, just flip open the end and they can dip their finger in and get their own balm. Fun!  For around $12 US you can’t go wrong. Lip balm lovers – you need this! Also, perfect for the upcoming gift season. I love to find something different. Now, let’s go to Xanadu, shall we? Lace up your skates, disco bunnies!



Balm Chicky is offering 50% off to Daly Beauty readers! Just go to

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“dalychicky”  when you check out. Amazing!

Is That Honey In Your Skincare? How Sweet!

Is That Honey In Your Skincare? How Sweet!

I love honey! I love honey in my body products, as in that gorgeous French line, Nuxe, and I love the moisturizing benefits they offer our skin. There is also a delicate smell that is calming and soothing. I also love The Body Shop Body Butters – they are such a lovely and rich way to moisturize our skin. My daughters have used them for years so there are always a few around the house at any given time. I always found them a little too strong scented and fruity for my tastes, as they interfered with my perfumes. But I must say the new line from The Body Shop, Honeymania, has me buzzing with happiness!

Here is The Body Shop story behind the line:

The Honey – Our honey is called Sheka honey. The African honey bees collect pollen all 
year round from beautiful pink, purple and white flowers in the Ethiopian Afromontane 
rainforest of the UNESCO Sheka Forest Biosphere Reserve. The flower that provides the 
main nectar for our honey is from the Schefflera abyssinica tree, a highly fragrant creamy 
yellow flower. Our Sheka honey has a very distinctive floral taste and smell because of the flower from which the bees collect the honey. It’s floral, fruity and sweet aroma makes it distinct from any other honey. The Body Shop ‘nose’ characterizes the smell as ‘green, floral, rosehip and hay’.

Why is it good for you? Honey is known to have antibacterial properties and softens, 
smoothes and moisturizesthe skin. The honey used in our products is sold by high-end 
brands as table honey – our honey is good enough to eat! Beekeepers in the Sheka 
rainforest traditionally use the honey to help sooth conditions such as chest infections and 
asthma. Ensuring exceptional quality – The beekeepers are highly skilled, allowing them to work in harmony with the African bees. These skills are passed down from father to son, enabling the beekeepers to carry on a tradition that has been done for generations. Beekeeping inEthiopia is a culture. Our honey is helping to strengthen the beekeeping culture and to preserve the Sheka rainforest.

I have three favourite products from this yummy line.

The Body Shop Honeymania Body Butter

The Body Butter – It has the same rich softening properties of all of their Body Butters, but smells soft and unobtrusive with it’s pretty soft honey scent. Perfect for knees and elbows, and anywhere that needs a little extra moisture.

The Body Shop HOneymania Bath Melt

The Bath Melt - Ok, I can’t say enough about how much I love this product! I’ve never had a bath gel like this, and calling it a mere bath gel isn’t doing it justice. It’s a gorgeous luxurious bath experience! I’m a big bath lover – nothing soaks away the troubles of the day and makes me feel relaxed and wonderful like a hot bubble bath. I scoop out some of the Honeymania Bath Melt with my hand and drizzle it under the running water and my bath fills up with skin softening sweetly scented bubbles! I love the way this makes my skin feel.


The Lip Balm - The scent in the product is soft and there is just a slightly sweet taste that goes perfectly with the melty goodness of this moisturizing lip balm. I know this will be in my purse all winter long. I’m in love.

Enjoy this video of bumble bees in the lavender in my backyard. Aren’t they fat and cute? Love them!

Truth be told, the entire line is lovely. The Honeymania Body Scrub is next on the list, I think….

The Body Shop Honeymania line is available at Body Shop stores, and ranges from around $4 to $20 for the line.

Kissable Lips With Polysporin Lip Health™ Duo

Kissable Lips With Polysporin Lip Health™ Duo

My name is Jane and I am a lip balm addict. No, not addicted because I can’t live without it (pretty sure that is a beauty myth I should dispel in the future), I’m addicted because I love so many different ones and WANT ALL THE LIP BALMS.  My new lip balm obsesh is kind of neat as it is a two- part treatment. A rich heavier treatment for overnight, and a lighter hydrating treatment for day. I’ve been using the nighttime treatment for over a month now, and can safely say I LOVE it. I wake up with soft hydrated lips, and the Day treatment makes sure they stay that way. I really notice a difference with regards to no more peeling lips. I spent all summer driving around in a convertible, and even with sunscreen, my poor lips got awfully dry. After using both of these lovely treatments, my lips feel soft and full – positively pouty!

Polysporing Lip Health™ Duo day treatment on bare lips

Polysporing Lip Health™ Duo day treatment on bare lips

I tells ya, Polysporin Lip Heath™ Duo  is going to be a must-have for our long cold Canadian winters. I also love the cute packaging!

Be sure to “LIKE” the Daly Beauty Facebook page for a chance to win both of these lovely treats for your lips! Contest coming up next week.

Polysporin Lip Health Duo

Polysporin Lip Health™ Duo is available at drugstores for around $7 each.

Hourglass No 28 Lip Treatment Oil For Soft & Plush Lips

Hourglass No 28 Lip Treatment Oil For Soft & Plush Lips

Hourglass is one of my favourite cosmetic lines. Not only are the cosmetics of the highest quality and perform above and beyond the call of beauty-duty, but their packaging is gorgeous. Hourglass products feel like high quality items and there is nothing flimsy about the construction or the design. They feel nice in the hand and are attractive in their soft bronze/brown shade with gold highlights. Well, Hourglass really ups the ante with their No 28 Lip Treatment Oil. It’s my new favourite lip treatment and I love the way it makes my lips look and fee. And the packaging? WOW!

From the Hourglass website:

“An advanced anti-aging treatment for lips that combines botanicals, vitamins and three powerful active ingredients in a supremely luxurious oil blend. No. 28 Lip Treatment Oil hydrates, rejuvenates and regenerates the delicate lip area by boosting moisture levels, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and improving lip shape, volume and softness. Equipped with an opulent 24-karat gold-plated tip—it’s the gold standard for lips.

A 24kt gold-plated, anti-bacterial palladium tip dispenses product and creates a soothing effect on the lips

Free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic dyes and petroleum derivatives”


Hourglass No28 Lip Oil bottle

Hourglass no28 lip oil gold tip

There’s gold in them thar hills!


Hourlgass No 28 Lip Treatment Oil works right away to make you lips look luscious and kissable, and over time it heals chapped lips and keeps them soft and supple while  protecting them from the elements. It’s chock full of essential oils, including rose, sweet almond and jojoba, which are among the fourteen oils Hourglass squeezes into this lovely little tube. There is a magical ingredient from a succulent plant that promises to increase the volume of your lips by lots and lots at the end of 28 days, hence the name of the product. Read more about the ingredients here.


Hourglass No 28 Lip Treatment Oil costs around $42 for a 0.25 oz bottle.

Presently In My Daly Beauty Rotation

Presently In My Daly Beauty Rotation

woman with red luggage

My beauty supplies. No small feat to take this show on the road.


Going on holiday and spending time on planes,  in the sun,  contrasted with cold, snow and super dry central heating takes a toll on skin. I grabbed a bottle of CeraVe PM lotion, as I had read rave reviews of it’s super moisturizing abilities while being non oily or pore clogging. At under $15 for a 3oz bottle at the drugstore I figured it was worth the risk. Well, this stuff is amazing – I have been using it in conjunction with my Skinceuticals serums at night.

What CeraVe says:

Helps repair, restore, and maintain protective skin barrier

CeraVe® Facial Moisturizing Lotion PM helps repair damaged skin and maintain the skin’s natural protective function with ingredients not commonly found in other moisturizers. Its patented Multivesicular Emulsion (MVE®) technology releases theses ingredients over time, penetrating deep into the skin to hydrate and nourish.

Ceramides – Helps reduce lipid levels in damaged skin to repair, restore, and maintain the skin’s natural barrier. Essential in preventing water loss from the skin
Niacinamide – Helps the skin produce more natural ceramides and fatty acids essential for repairing and restoring the skin barrier. Also shown to reduce redness.
Hyaluronic Acid – An essential ingredient (humectant) that attracts water to the top layer of the skin and ensures that the skin remains hydrated.

All true, and my skin is noticeably more supple and not tight at all, which is how it felt before using it. Verdict? Love. I have a feeling this is not available in Canada, which means I will stock up when I visit the US.

CeraVe PM lotion

L’Occitane Shea Butter line is amazing, as we all know. Full of natural and delicious smelling moisturizing goodness, I could slather myself head to toe in this stuff, and well, I often do. Right now my hair is dry, processed and suffering from serious hard water issues. I can barely get a comb through it. I forgot to bring my ICON India Shampoo & Conditioner on vacation and knew I needed serious silky conditioning action. I decided to just hop on over to my local L’Occitane shop at the mall and grab their Shea Butter Ultra Rich Shampoo and Ultra Rich Conditioner. How have I not reviewed these? I first read about the conditioner on The Non Blonde – and she has some big hair so I take her recos seriously. It’s almost weird how thin & runny the conditioner is when you realize how magical it is on dry hair. Try it. Words don’t do it justice. Not to mention, my hair smells so delicious now. Dry hair saved!

l'occitane shea butter shampoo and conditioner

By Terry Baume de Rose. I did it. And I blame Jessica over at Getting Cheeky because she doth love it so. And she has divine taste so who am I to question that? I tried some at Space NK a few days ago and was hooked. So I happily do my own High/Low lip love and switch up my purse balms between By Terry Baume de Rose and Nivea Lip Butter. High and low because Baume de Rose is around $58, which puts it into La Mer territory.  What By Terry says:

This precious balm contains lipid-boosting and nourishing active ingredients to repair and protect lips and cuticles. Ultra-rich, it moisturises and soothes the driest and most delicate areas with its regenerating complex containing rose wax to soften and smooth, nourishing botanical oils to boost cell renewal, and hydrating shea butter. By Terry’s exclusive ‘Hydroskin’ complex heals and supplies strength, nutrition and comfort. UV filters protect against sun damage and vitamin E fights against skin ageing. 

I love it already and feel like it gently plumps the lips while adding delicious moisture. You can buy By Terry at select retailers, best to check their site for shopping info.

by terry baume de rose pot

It matches my pink charger cord. Important.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray made it into the mix because a) I wanted a small bottle of dry shampoo for traveling and b) it smells really good. I use and adore the more reasonably priced Batiste but got the Oribe, $19 for the 2.2oz can, as a little treat to myself. One thing it does have that Batiste doesn’t is that it is practically colourless whereas the Batiste is a bit powdery and light. Maintaining being blonde means some powdery lightness on dirty roots just means I look like I’ve touched up my roots. Verdict? Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray is perfect for travel, gym and beach bags. Oribe is sold at Holt Renfrew in Canada, Neimans and Space NK –  you can check their site for shopping info.

Oribe dry texturizing spray

Nivea Raspberry Rosé Kiss Lip Butter. For Lips Like Buttah

Nivea Raspberry Rosé Kiss Lip Butter. For Lips Like Buttah

Nivea lip butter tins

My name is Jane, and I’m a lip-balm-aholic. I got distracted by another lip balm. Again. But, this one is different! I don’t have anything like it! No, really….Nivea Lip Butter is actually a lovely, soothing and emollient lip balm. The Raspberry Rosé tastes and smells like a creamy raspberry dessert, and gives a sheer light pink sheen to the lips. It makes my lips feel soft and soothed, which was needed after several days by the pool and at the beach, as the sun and salt water will dry out skin. Nivea Lip Butter lasts well on my lips and keeps them feeling soft for hours. Nivea Lip Butter also comes in the sweet and retro little Nivea tin containers. They have Raspberry Rosé Kiss, which I have and love. There is also Caramel Cream Kiss and Vanilla Macadamia, which I’m sure taste and smell pretty much like they sound. They also have Smooth Kiss which sounds really soft and pretty, so I’m fairly certain I will have to have that as well.

Nivea balm picframe

Verdict? Love! So cute and fun, and perfect for tossing in the purse, gym bag and travelling. I got mine at CVS drugstore for around $3.20. What an easy treat!

I got my Nivea Lip Butter in Florida at CVS, but I imagine they can be wherever Nivea products are sold.

Skinceuticals Lovin’ For Your Lips

Skinceuticals Lovin’ For Your Lips

skinceuticals antioxidant lip repair dalybeauty

I thought I would do a quick round up of some of my new favourite Skinceuticals prodz. I was teasing last week on Twitter about their Antioxidant Lip Repair and I have to say, that was instant love. Ok so let me share….

Skinceuticals Antioxidant Lip Repair: this is a unique lip moisturizing product in that it has the texture of a lotion, which makes it ideal for those of us whose skincare issues expand to outside the lip line. This means lines and ageing, in case you were wondering. From their website:

This potent treatment helps prevent signs of premature ageing while restoring moisture and smoothness to the lip surface.

- Helps prevent premature signs of aging on the lips.
- Restores moisture to hydrate and heal dry cracked lips.
- Accelerates cell renewal to keep lips soft and supple.
- Smoothes lips without irritation.
- Ideal for Accutane® users.

I love to apply it with my moisturizer in the morning and at night. And maybe once or twice mid day. Skinceuticals Antioxidant Lip Repair is emollient and silky. You can feel it soaking it immediately and your lip area feels cushiony and soft. Also – no chapped lips at all, and zero greasy feeling on the lips, which helps when applying colour after. It costs around $38 for a 9ml airtight bottle, and is sold by dermatologist and aestheticians. I use a teeny amount at a time, and I’m sure this wee bottle will last for ages. Verdict? Love.

SkinCeuticals is available through selected distribution channels via dispensing doctors, medical spas and high-end spas across Canada for $39. For store locator please visitwww.skinceuticals.com/canada.


Candy Sweethearts Kisses & More From Cake Beauty

Candy Sweethearts Kisses & More From Cake Beauty

cake beauty sweethearts

The notoriously yummy and sweet line of beauty products, Cake Beauty, has a very special line up based on one of my favourite candies. Of course, we think of Valentine’s Day when we think of Sweetheart candies but I’ve always loved them all year long. So obviously I just had to try the new Cake Beauty Sweethearts line! I decided on the Sweethearts Luscious Lip Butter/Balm and the Sweethearts Luscious Hair & Body Mist.

photo 2-2

The Sweethearts Lip Balm is soft and silky, and applies like a dream. It’s goes on clear, and feels deliciously rich. It leaves a soft shine on the lips and the sweet vanilla candy scent is soft and subtle. Your lips are dewy and kissable! I’m not sure if there is officially a flavour to this, as it is subtle, but my lips do taste a little sweet. I like it! I keep my Sweethearts Luscious Lip Butter in my purse for a sweet moisturizing treat anytime.

photo 1-5

The Sweethearts Luscious Hair & Body Mist is perfect for freshening up your hair. I love it when companies make perfumed hair products. I have long hair and I love it when it smells yummy. After cooking or being in an environment where a less than desirable scent might cling to my hair the easiest way to freshen up is with a scented mist! I just light mist my hair, then flip it upside and mist it again. I “comb” it through with my fingers and ta-da! My daughter was actually standing behind me the other day after I’d used it and she leaned in because my hair smelled “so yummy”. Works for me! It can be used on the body too but so far I have only been using it on my hair and I love it!

How perfect is Cake Beauty’s Sweethearts line for Valentine’s Day? Or anytime you want to give a little love!

Cake Beauty is available at Sephora and you can check here for more locations. The Sweethearts Luscious Body/Hair Mist sells for $18 CAD, and the Sweethearts Luscious Lip Butter/Balm is $14 CAD.