Soft, Satiny Lips & The Smoothest Matte Lip Ever: Maybelline Lip Studio Color Blur™

Soft, Satiny Lips & The Smoothest Matte Lip Ever: Maybelline Lip Studio Color Blur™

I’ve never liked the way matte lip colour feels on the lips. Even the ones that purport to be non-drying are drying to a certain extent. The ones that aren’t are more like a balm, and don’t last long on the lips. Which is fine with me, but if one wants the colour to last even a little bit, a balm doesn’t cut it.

Maybelline’s latest lip sensation is their Lip Studio Color Blur™ lip pencil line. It’s been getting rave reviews and really stands out from the crowd of the already excellent current drugstore lip offerings, which isn’t easy. The whole concept of the Color Blur™ is the “ombre lip”. Ombré – which means “fade” – hit the beauty world when it started in the hair. It’s now worked it’s way down to lips and nails, and was all over the runways in it’s various fashion permutations.

Maybelline Color Blur Lip Pencil

Lip Studio Color Blur™ is a unique pencil-style lipstick with a handy twist-up style that means no sharpeners. The unique part is the silicone blurring tool at the other end of the lip pencil. You are to use this to blur the lip product along the edge of your lips, but I use it to blend the colour all over my lips, almost like a blotter. I love it.

dalybeauty maybelline color blur lip pencil

I haven’t rocked the ombré lip yet but I do love this lip pencil just as regular old-school lipstick. It feels a lot like a balm, but it’s a lighter texture. If your lips are dry or chapped, this product won’t smooth them, so be sure to have exfoliated and moisturized before applying Color Blur™.

dalybeauty maybelline color blur swatch2

It glides on like silk and as it fades it leaves a soft stain effect, so it lasts well. The matte is more of a satin matte, which is gorgeous as it doesn’t look dry or dusty. I also like to layer mine with the new and amazing Baby Lips Lip Glosses (Pink Pizzaz is a favourite) for a slightly more dewy look.  The vivid shades are gorgeous, but of course I love the soft mauve-rose shade of I Love To Mauve It. For $11.99 CAD this is a great value. Color Blur™ feels and looks luxe. If you love matte lips, this is a must-have!

Daly Beauty Love: Charlotte Ronson Closer Finishing Powder

Daly Beauty Love: Charlotte Ronson Closer Finishing Powder

Um, how did I not know about this? I just happend to be obsessing browsing on the Sephora website the other day and stumbled upon Charlotte Ronson’s Closer Finishing Powder. I have never bought anything from her line, but I’ve seen a few sets and thought they were pretty. Also, her perfume is soft and nice – if you like beachy scents, give hers a try.

So. The powder. It is pretty much the exact same packaging as my obsession, Jane Iredale Brush Me Matte powder. The Iredale powder is hard to find and also, $45. The Charlotte Ronson Powder is at every Sephora that carries her line and via Sephora’s website, and is $24. Differences – Iredale is mineral make up and the Charlotte Ronson powder has talc. From my reading on the subject online, it seems there is a lot of misinformation about talc and skincare and the big “C”, ie cancer warnings. This is one of the many problems with bad information – it gets regurgitated by people panicing and worrying. The truth is, the talc warnings were many many years ago when asbestos was used in talc. Do your own research if you like, but I have satisfied myself with the knowledge that it is fine and is amazing for oily skinned folks. Even the American Cancer Society website says there is nothing to connect talc in cosmetics to cancer. Alright, now we have that out of the way.

Charlotte Ronson Closer Finishing Powder is amazing and I’m really surprised that it hasn’t got more love in the beauty blogosphere. It is colourless and eliminates shine on contact. It has the brush attached to a bottle hybrid design. Some people don’t like this, some people, like me, love it. I am way too lazy to bother with a loose powder and a brush in my make up bag and this is perfect. Yes, it requires a little fiddling to get the hang of, but once you get it, application is a breeze. It also has a twist up design that protects the brush from splaying out when you put the cap on, which Iredale does not have on her brush. One word of caution- it opens via a twist off cap at the bottom, I assume to refill. I’d say be very careful of this as it could result in a powdery purse fiasco. It applies seamlessly over any make up you are wearing, has no shimmer, but yet does not make your skin look flat or dull. It is paraben free, and from what I can tell, is fragrance free as well. Here is cute bit of info from – apparently Charlotte’s friends inspire her make up collection:

“Rashida Jones has a natural glow that could never be bottled. Her skin is luminous and she always looks flawless under any light. Inspired by her effortless radiance, this powder filters light to create a glowing finish for skin that looks naturally perfect—even when up-close.” —Charlotte Ronson


Rashida Jones? I have a serious girl-crush on Rashida and while I know I could never look like her, I love the prettiness/cool factor of this little factoid. Verdict? Utter and complete love. Will it replace my Jane Iredale Brush Me Matte? Time will tell….

Rashido Jones - naturally beautiful.

Rashido Jones – naturally beautiful.


My No-Fuss Daly Beauty Routine

My No-Fuss Daly Beauty Routine

Even though I am obsessed with beauty, I don’t spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning. Reason? Laziness, perhaps? Also, as time goes by, I find I don’t like the feeling of a lot of stuff on my face. But, like anyone, I like to look polished, bright eyed and as radiant as possible with as little effort as possible. I spend time on my skincare routine, and even though it took me almost 12 minutes to explain it, it really takes less than 5 minutes in the morning and at night to take care of my skin. If anything, as we age we should spend more time on My cosmetic routine in the morning is pretty no-nonsense as well. So- what do I use?

Start with a cleansed and moisturised face. Give your skincare a few minutes to soak in before applying make up- this is a good time to brush your teeth, apply body lotion, brush hair etc. Then:

Concealer: this is a must have for a wide awake and radiant look. Nothing ages you quicker than dark skin around the eyes, and uneven skin tone. Using a concealer brush ( love the one I got from Lancome) I apply my HG concealer, Lancome Effacernes. It is creamy and never creases or settles into lines. It’s also waterproof. I blend it lightly under my eyes and on the sides of my nose.

Eye Make Up Primer: I have oily skin, and truthfully a lot of use have oily eye lids even if the rest of our skin is dry. My hands down HG primer is the incredible Urban Decay Potion Primer  (UDPP) in the slightly yellow toned Eden. I use my fingers to apply a very thin layer on my eyelids- too much gets cake-y and uneven so a light hand is key. Also- a trick: using a small brush, I use a small amount of UDPP on spots/blemishes before applying any concealer on them. It helps extend the life of any concealer you use. It’s the little things, folks. UDPP in Nude is slightly pinker, Greed is a gold shimmer and Sin is a taupe shimmer. I also have and love Sin. Gorgeous.

Powder: I don’t use foundation, but if you do, apply it now! I just use a foundation type of powder, and dust it all over my face. My favourite is Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base pressed powder. It’s practically invisible yet evens skin tone beautifully. It has sunscreen and doesn’t irritate my oily acne-prone skin. I will weep if this is ever discontinued.

Eyeliner: I am a huge tightlining fan. I tightline along my upper lash line (explanation here) and I use a waterproof pencil or liquid. My fave pencils are Urban Decay 24-7 Glide-On Pencil and Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof. I take tightlining a little further and like to wriggle the pencil between my upper lashes a little bit as well. My favourite liquid liner is L’Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip – this stuff is fool proof! When I use this, I don’t waste my time trying to draw a line along my lashes- oh goodness no. I leave that to the pros. And my daughters. What I do with the felt tip liner is dot it between my upper eyelashes- tightly of course, sort of like connecting the dots. I always use black or an almost-black colour, as this shade will make the white of the eyes appear whiter and brighter. Brown tones can emphasise redness in eyes- NOT what we want. What tightlining does is give the illusion of thick eyelashes and opens the eyes beautifully. On a lazy day, that’s all I do. I use Revitalash and tint my lashes so mascara is mostly optional. But for a more finished look, I give a swipe of my favourite mascara, Clinique Lash Power.

Blush & Bronzer: Almost done! Now, I look in the mirror and smile, so I can see the apples of my cheeks. Then I apply a soft dusting of a sheer pink blush right on those babies. My latest love is the gorgeous Bobbi Brown Antigua – it’s called and illuminating bronzer but to my eyes its a sheer cool pink. I LOVE it! The shade is universally flattering, and so sheer that it is practically fail proof. Illuminating? Yes it is glowy, but only in the broadest definition. There is no glitter or glimmer but somehow it adds a glow and I can’t believe it took me until 2 months ago to get it! Then, if I need it, I grab my favourite bronzer (lately also Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzer in Aruba but I also love Guerlain Terracotta – read about my fave bronzing powders here ). You don’t have to go all Jersey Shore with bronzer. At this time of year, a tiny bit to add colour to our pale faces is all you need.

Lips: And now apply whatever you want on your lips! After brushing my teeth, I give my lips a good scrub with a facecloth to prep them. I am a balm fanatic so I usually apply my lip balm now and put on gloss or sheer lippy before heading out the door. Almost all my lip colour is in my purse so I do that after my morning routine. My balms du jour are La Mer and, save me from myself, Chanel Lip Care. Cold weather and central heating dry out my lips so I work hard to keep them soft and supple.

S o- TA DA, you are done! Seriously, if this takes you more than 15 minutes, you need to practice and practice to get your time down! It’s easy and a great way to look polished but not make up. And, it’s super easy to glam up your look for parties by adding some shimmery taupe or gold shadow, or a little grey or taupe liner along the bottom lash line, and a dramatic or bright lip colour. I keep a blotting powder in my purse to keep shine at bay, and my YSL Touche Eclat in case I need to hide/highlight anything mid-day. But- that’s it!

Do you have any tips for your morning routine? I’d love to know!

Vichy ProEVEN BB Cream Improves & Protects Your Skin

Vichy ProEVEN BB Cream Improves & Protects Your Skin

Or, in which I am not surprised that I am blown away by another Vichy product. I am a Vichy ProEVEN fan, and use it every day, as do both of my daughters. Since I’ve been using Vichy ProEVEN, I’ve never used less concealer in my life. I hear this from readers as well. So we know the stuff works (you can read my review of Vichy ProEVEN here). So how amazing is it that Vichy has jumped on the BB band wagon with a ProEVEN BB Cream. Wow! Now, what is a BB Cream, you ask? BB Cream – BB is short for “Blemish Balm” or “Beauty Balm”  is an multi-tasking cosmetic designed to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock. It’s usually worn alone as a tinted moisturizer, over serum and moisturizer as a regular foundation, and under powder, depending on how much coverage you want.

I often find BB creams heavy on the silicone content and actually ended up with blemishes from blocked pores. And I don’t really use a foundation product. But my daughter was asking me about them (benefits of having a mom who is a beauty blogger!) as she wanted something that would last a little longer during the day than her mattefying powder/concealer combo. Knowing that we love Vichy ProEVEN, and more importantly, knowing that it does not irritate our sensitive acne-prone skin, I was keen to try their new ProEVEN BB Cream, or should I say, use my daughter as a guinea pig test subject. The big attraction to the Vichy BB Cream is that it contains medicated and effective ingredients that improve skin tone, moisturize and reduce pore size, just as the ProEVEN cream does. It contains SPF 20, and the same magical ingredients to even tone that is in their fabulous Vichy ProEVEN Cream.

Medium to Dark Vichy ProEVEN BB Cream in natural light, half blended.

She loves it, and it blends so seamlessly into the skin I can’t even tell she has make up on.  It doesn’t get shiny and does not appear to be blocking any pores, as her skin has been calm and lovely since she has been using it. The silicone content isn’t proving to be problematic, and if used properly, silicone can actually have healing properties. I have actually been using a teensy bit on my t-zone for coverage and mattifying and am really impressed. It is a fine texture that seems to melt into the skin leaving a softly blurred finish. It comes in two “universal” colours Light-Medium and Medium-Dark. I like Medium-Dark used sparingly, as it gives a slightly tan appearance. It really is so sheer but I do recommend testing on your skin if you can.

So- here is the best part! Daly Beauty is having a draw for some Vichy Pro-EVEN BB Cream! We have a few Mediums and Lights to give away, so there will be more than 1 winner. To enter, leave a comment here, be sure to like and comment on the Daly Beauty Facebook page , if you are on Twitter, follow @Daly_Beauty on Twitter, and tweet me that you have entered using the #TeamVichyProEVEN hashtag! Draw will be 6pm October 24, 2012.

Contest is closed, thank you to all who entered! Stay tuned for more giveaways on Daly Beauty, next week we will be giving away some beautiful perfumes!

Winners: Heather Desserud, Melissa Flynn, Lisa Carbone & Gigi Sweeps- congratulations! Please email your mailing infomration to

Vichy ProEVEN BB Cream is available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall and Murale in Canada, and online in the US for around $33.

Jane Iredale Brush-Me Matte: Never Let Them See You Shine

Jane Iredale Brush-Me Matte: Never Let Them See You Shine

The other day on Twitter, one of my fellow Canadian beauty bloggers, Jessica over at Beautizine, asked us what make up item we never leave the house without. Not surprisingly,  my answer was Jane Iredale Brush-Me Matte Powder. What was surprising however, was how I have never reviewed this. At this point, Brush-Me Matte is in the car keys/cell phone/purse realm. You know, the things that become extensions of your arms, the things you use so often they are so integrated into your daily routine that you don’t even think about using them. Like, breathing. This is my theory as to why we so easily “lose” keys and phones – our use of them is practically reflex or subconscious. So, just in case I haven’t been clear, I NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE WITH OUT MY BRUSH-ME MATTE POWDER. Sorry for yelling.

Jane Iredale Brush-Me Matte powder is a loose powder, handily packaged in a little tube with the brush attached. Seriously, the best design ever. The powder itself is designed for oily skin. Here are the ingredients as listed on their site: Mica, Rice Starch, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Stearate, Pine Bark Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Ascorbyl Palmitate. I’m not sure how this would feel on the skin if you had dry skin, but then it’s likely a dry skinned person would not need this product. It appears to be colourless, unlike the other blurring/mattefying powder I use, Make Up Forever HD Powder, which is white. There is a soft “powdered” effect on the skin when first applied, but no discernable colour. The powder appears to be beige-ish on its own. The brush is a twist-up style, with a cap that snaps on easily. The brush is not very fluffy, but it actually works perfectly to blend the powder. I literally use it on my t-zone- up and down, side to side- and maximum two swipes in either direction is all it takes. If by accident a little more powder comes out than I like, then I just brush over it again and it’s gone. It also blurs other things- lines, spots or slightly uneven skin tone. I’ve had mine 6 months and used less than a quarter of the product.

Not a good look


Jane Iredale Brush-Me Matte is only available from Jane Iredale on their website. UPDATE: it is NOT discontinued.

Dermaglow Really Makes Me Glow

Now this is a glow….love it
Lately I have been using a Dermaloglow regime. I wrote about their amazing Foaming Cleanser when I first got it, as I could tell right away that it was an amazing and thorough cleanser. But the lotions needed a couple weeks to do their stuff and I wanted to give them a fair shake.


I’ve been using the Purifying Oil-Free Night Cream for a few weeks now and I love it. It contains willow bark extract, zinc and salicylic acid to help with acne, and has collagen and hyaluronic acid to help fine lines and radiance for a smoother younger appearance. What I find amazing is how gentle this is. It delivers on all points without a tingle, tinge or burn. My skin looks amazing (aside from a hormonal stress cystic bump….le sigh…it never ends…) and feels good too. None of the pain or sensitivity I get from heavy retinol products. It is pretty much scent free and has a lovely light texture that sinks right into the skin while still leaving it feel moisturized. The Dermaglow Purifying Oil-Free Cream contains no parabens, no dyes and no fragrance. I love this product! I top with my Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate and wake up with soft glowy skin. I often wake up with an oil slick on my face, even if I use a retinol product. Not so with Dermaglow.

The Dermaglow Mattifying Oil-Free Daily Lotion is also a new Holy Grail product for me. Again, the light clear texture of Dermaglow products kind of blows my mind. This product slips over the skin and sinks in with a silicone-free formula. It does mattify more than most products I’ve used although I still need to use a powder. It has anti aging properties and I most definitely feel my fine lines are under control. I cannot be without the plumping qualities of hyaluronic acid and Dermaglow delivers. My skin looks smooth and hydrated all day long. Again- scent and paraben free means it is simple and clean and does not irritate my sensitive oily skin. I’ve had no breakouts or reactions and my skin feels smoother with an even complexion.

Who doesn’t want to glow….
I love the simplicity of the Dermaglow line. Simple packaging, no scent and high quality products that deliver. It is a no nonsense line based on science and using products deliver what they promise. The packaging is simple, clean and modern, as well as practical and hygienic. They have a custom line with products for every skincare need and want. The oil free anti aging line is perfect for me! They are an expensive line if you are comparing to drugstore lines with the tubes of lotion I reviewed in the $50-70 range, but quite on par with department store brands. When a product delivers on what it promises, I will pay. Another random tidbit that makes me feel good about Dermaglow – they have been a major sponsor of Pride week in Toronto, one of the largest organize gay pride festivals in the world. Bravo, Dermaglow!
I am very excited to explore this line further. 
I get my Dermaglow at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada but it is available in several places. It is a Canadian product but I will find out where International buyers can get this.