My No-Fuss Daly Beauty Routine

Even though I am obsessed with beauty, I don’t spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning. Reason? Laziness, perhaps? Also, as time goes by, I find I don’t like the feeling of a lot of stuff on…

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Clean & Fresh Skin With Weleda

One Step Cleanser & Toner and Refining Toner I’m on a bit of a Weleda kick these days. I love the purity of the products, and the comforting gentle scents. Lately I’ve been enjoying their One Step Cleanser & Toner…

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Beautiful Clear Skin with La Roche Posay

My oily acne prone skin drives me crazy. I won’t complain too much, as oily skin tends to age slower and my mother’s smooth lovely skin is proof of that. At any rate, I still don’t like breakouts. Taking cod…

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