Simplify Your Skincare Routine: Rodan + Fields Redefine

Simplify Your Skincare Routine: Rodan + Fields Redefine

I have no shortage of skincare stuffs in my stash. I try lots and lots of products (so you don’t have to) and some I love, some I learn to love, some give me zits, some give me a rash, some make my skin peel. When a new Rodan+Fields regimen came across my beauty desk, I thought it might worth a try. The first Rodan+Fields product I ever used is Proactiv. I still use Proactiv from time to time, as do my daughters. My oily acne prone skin benefits from their cleanser and lotion when it’s feeling particularly oily or zitty. So Proactiv is always in my skincare cupboard. It’s simple no-nonsense skincare, and it’s easy to use. I like that. I like it even more now that I can buy it from a retail shop as well.

Rodan + Fields Redefine Regime

Rodan + Fields Redefine Regime

The Rodan+Fields Refine regime is simple and easy, and makes some pretty reasonable claims. The Refine Kit I have includes a clay cleanser/exfoliant, a refining/exfoliant toner, a daytime moisturizer with full spectrum SPF 30 protection, and a night cream that restores. From the Rodan+Fields website:

Redefine Daily Cleansing Mask:

Creamy, kaolin clay-based cleansing mask dries in two minutes, drawing impurities from pores without robbing skin of essential moisture. Fine dimethicone microbeads gently exfoliate to smoothe the skin without disrupting skin’s delicate moisture barrier.

Redefine Pore Minimizing Toner:

Exclusive combination of pore-clarifying ingredients minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores in this fast-acting, alcohol-free liquid vehicle. Gentle polyhydroxy acids exfoliate pore clogging dead skin cells while natural oligosaccharides help reduce the appearance of pores and prepares skin for the treatments that follow.

Redefine Overnight Restorative Cream:

An ultra-hydrating cream which replenishes skin’s natural moisturizing factors (NMFs) while you sleep for visibly firmer, less-lined skin in the morning. Moisture recycling complex of hyaluronic acid and glycerin prevent moisture loss while 12-hour, time-released antioxidants A, C and E replenish vital skin nutrients.

Triple Defense Treatment Broad Spectrum SPF30:

A moisturizing treatment with photostable broad spectrum SPF 30 protection. It contains a clinically proven concentration of powerful peptides to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and visibly firm skin. SHIELDrf provides effective broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and visibly decelerates the signs of photoaging that appear over time.

I love the Cleanser – it is a gentle exfoliating cleanser that my oily and sensitive skin loves. My skin feels fresh when I use it – not scrubbed. It says you can use it daily, however I use it a couple times a week which is perfect for me. I use the toner in the evening, and it makes my skin feels fresh as a daisy for the Overnight Restorative Cream. It feels terrific on the skin, and I do wake up with a glow. I will sometimes use it under my Garnier Miracle Sleep Cream, for extra moisture and radiance.

I use Dove Soap in the morning, then the Triple Defense Treatment Broad Spectrum SPF30. It feels moisturizing and my skin drinks it up. It works beautifully under makeup as well. If I need a little more moisture, or if I’m tired and dehydrated, I use my latest Vichy love – LiftActif Supreme (review to come).

I’ve been using Rodan+Fields Refine for a little over a month, and each product does what it promises. My skin is smooth and radiant, with no signs of irritation or breakouts, which is saying a lot! My skin feels smooth and fresh, and fine lines are less visible, which is probably a combination of the exfoliating and moisturizing properties of the products. There is a slight scent to all the products, but it’s soft and clean smelling and doesn’t last on the skin. I love all the products and would recommend them to anyone looking for a smoother glowing complexion!

vintage beauty ad skincare

All four products can be purchased on the Rodan +Fields website for $193 USD.

Skin Having a Seasonal Freak Out? Calm It With Consonant Skincare And Osmia Organics.

Skin Having a Seasonal Freak Out? Calm It With Consonant Skincare And Osmia Organics.

Ah, our skin. We finally get our zits/dry patches/insert your issue here under control then BAM. The seasons change and it all goes to hell. I’m certain that somehow our hormones get involved but I’m no doctor so that’s just guesswork. But I always feel like when our skin goes haywire, hormones are somehow involved. But I’ve been able to clock major breakouts with the change of seasons for years now, and I am SO OVER IT.



My most recent skin mania episode had me digging through my mountains of skincare supplies. I’d tried the usual suspects – benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, sulphur – you name it. Nothing was helping. My Consonant DHE Mask has been helping, but I needed more. Something important to remember when you have acne or break out prone skin is that it’s not just too much oil and hormones that cause this condition. It’s also sensitivity. It took me years to figure out that beating my skin into submission with tough love wasn’t going to help. I realized this – finally – after my millionth facial. Because every single facial (with extractions – ouch!) I’ve had has resulted in breakouts. Wax my brows? Cystic acne. Scrub, steam and massage for an hour? Acne. My skin needs a gentle touch.

Well, dear readers, there was hope lurking in my stash.

Consonant Organic Foaming Facewash

Consonant Organic Foaming Face Wash: I decided that I would start with using a super gentle cleanser on my skin. Everything I’ve used from Consonant to date just feels wonderful and soothing on my skin, and their Organic Foaming Face Wash also feels great. It has an air infused pump to make it foamy, vs sulphates, so it’s perfect for those with sensitivities. But even better than that, it cleanses my face beautifully and gently. My face looks and feels clean, and never tight or dry. No wonder this is an award winner! From their site:

Consonant Organic Foaming Face Wash is a gentle yet effective cleanser, packed with nourishing botanicals like teatree oil and grapeseed oil to help hydrate skin, eliminate uneven skin tones and fight blemishes. pH balanced, you don’t need a toner. This Face Wash is 99.5% natural.

Osmia Organics Facial Calibration Serum

Osmia Organics Facial Calibration Serum: I’ve talked before about using oils on oily facial skin – seems counterintuitive, yet there is a wisdom there. I love the feel of a beautiful high quality oil preparation on my face. You can almost feel your skin thank you as it drinks up the nutrients and moisture. The description of the Facial Calibration Serum on the Osmia Organics website says:

A select combination of plant oils, chosen for their balancing qualities, helps skin become more even and smooth, and assists in regulating sebum production.  Olive squalane, kukui oil, and macadamia oil nourish the skin, and calming schisandra fruit extract soothes irritation.  Super powered acai delivers an antioxidant boost, and organic black seed oil brings a vitamin and mineral infusion.  Absorbs quickly, and does not leave the skin oily.  In fact, used regularly, this face serum can help oily skin behave itself, and combination skin become less confused.  The scent is mildly herbaceous, with the subtle spicy undertones of black cumin seed oil.

Well, my skin was confused AND misbehaving, so I started using the Facial Calibration Serum at night, and I’m glad I did. It recommends applying it to damp skin, and seriously, you only need a few drops to cover your whole face. I wake up with soft glowy skin that you’d never guess has been to hell and back. This serum has been added to my emergency skin care arsenal and I can’t imagine being without it.

Finally, my skin seems to be recovering. My breakouts and eruptions are stopping, and my face is healing. Hallelujah!

Consonant Skincare is available on their website, and you can find retailers here. Osmia Organics is  US based skincare company and you can purchase their products on their website.

Daly Beauty Love: Charlotte Ronson Closer Finishing Powder

Daly Beauty Love: Charlotte Ronson Closer Finishing Powder

Um, how did I not know about this? I just happend to be obsessing browsing on the Sephora website the other day and stumbled upon Charlotte Ronson’s Closer Finishing Powder. I have never bought anything from her line, but I’ve seen a few sets and thought they were pretty. Also, her perfume is soft and nice – if you like beachy scents, give hers a try.

So. The powder. It is pretty much the exact same packaging as my obsession, Jane Iredale Brush Me Matte powder. The Iredale powder is hard to find and also, $45. The Charlotte Ronson Powder is at every Sephora that carries her line and via Sephora’s website, and is $24. Differences – Iredale is mineral make up and the Charlotte Ronson powder has talc. From my reading on the subject online, it seems there is a lot of misinformation about talc and skincare and the big “C”, ie cancer warnings. This is one of the many problems with bad information – it gets regurgitated by people panicing and worrying. The truth is, the talc warnings were many many years ago when asbestos was used in talc. Do your own research if you like, but I have satisfied myself with the knowledge that it is fine and is amazing for oily skinned folks. Even the American Cancer Society website says there is nothing to connect talc in cosmetics to cancer. Alright, now we have that out of the way.

Charlotte Ronson Closer Finishing Powder is amazing and I’m really surprised that it hasn’t got more love in the beauty blogosphere. It is colourless and eliminates shine on contact. It has the brush attached to a bottle hybrid design. Some people don’t like this, some people, like me, love it. I am way too lazy to bother with a loose powder and a brush in my make up bag and this is perfect. Yes, it requires a little fiddling to get the hang of, but once you get it, application is a breeze. It also has a twist up design that protects the brush from splaying out when you put the cap on, which Iredale does not have on her brush. One word of caution- it opens via a twist off cap at the bottom, I assume to refill. I’d say be very careful of this as it could result in a powdery purse fiasco. It applies seamlessly over any make up you are wearing, has no shimmer, but yet does not make your skin look flat or dull. It is paraben free, and from what I can tell, is fragrance free as well. Here is cute bit of info from – apparently Charlotte’s friends inspire her make up collection:

“Rashida Jones has a natural glow that could never be bottled. Her skin is luminous and she always looks flawless under any light. Inspired by her effortless radiance, this powder filters light to create a glowing finish for skin that looks naturally perfect—even when up-close.” —Charlotte Ronson


Rashida Jones? I have a serious girl-crush on Rashida and while I know I could never look like her, I love the prettiness/cool factor of this little factoid. Verdict? Utter and complete love. Will it replace my Jane Iredale Brush Me Matte? Time will tell….

Rashido Jones - naturally beautiful.

Rashido Jones – naturally beautiful.


My No-Fuss Daly Beauty Routine

My No-Fuss Daly Beauty Routine

Even though I am obsessed with beauty, I don’t spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning. Reason? Laziness, perhaps? Also, as time goes by, I find I don’t like the feeling of a lot of stuff on my face. But, like anyone, I like to look polished, bright eyed and as radiant as possible with as little effort as possible. I spend time on my skincare routine, and even though it took me almost 12 minutes to explain it, it really takes less than 5 minutes in the morning and at night to take care of my skin. If anything, as we age we should spend more time on My cosmetic routine in the morning is pretty no-nonsense as well. So- what do I use?

Start with a cleansed and moisturised face. Give your skincare a few minutes to soak in before applying make up- this is a good time to brush your teeth, apply body lotion, brush hair etc. Then:

Concealer: this is a must have for a wide awake and radiant look. Nothing ages you quicker than dark skin around the eyes, and uneven skin tone. Using a concealer brush ( love the one I got from Lancome) I apply my HG concealer, Lancome Effacernes. It is creamy and never creases or settles into lines. It’s also waterproof. I blend it lightly under my eyes and on the sides of my nose.

Eye Make Up Primer: I have oily skin, and truthfully a lot of use have oily eye lids even if the rest of our skin is dry. My hands down HG primer is the incredible Urban Decay Potion Primer  (UDPP) in the slightly yellow toned Eden. I use my fingers to apply a very thin layer on my eyelids- too much gets cake-y and uneven so a light hand is key. Also- a trick: using a small brush, I use a small amount of UDPP on spots/blemishes before applying any concealer on them. It helps extend the life of any concealer you use. It’s the little things, folks. UDPP in Nude is slightly pinker, Greed is a gold shimmer and Sin is a taupe shimmer. I also have and love Sin. Gorgeous.

Powder: I don’t use foundation, but if you do, apply it now! I just use a foundation type of powder, and dust it all over my face. My favourite is Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base pressed powder. It’s practically invisible yet evens skin tone beautifully. It has sunscreen and doesn’t irritate my oily acne-prone skin. I will weep if this is ever discontinued.

Eyeliner: I am a huge tightlining fan. I tightline along my upper lash line (explanation here) and I use a waterproof pencil or liquid. My fave pencils are Urban Decay 24-7 Glide-On Pencil and Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof. I take tightlining a little further and like to wriggle the pencil between my upper lashes a little bit as well. My favourite liquid liner is L’Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip – this stuff is fool proof! When I use this, I don’t waste my time trying to draw a line along my lashes- oh goodness no. I leave that to the pros. And my daughters. What I do with the felt tip liner is dot it between my upper eyelashes- tightly of course, sort of like connecting the dots. I always use black or an almost-black colour, as this shade will make the white of the eyes appear whiter and brighter. Brown tones can emphasise redness in eyes- NOT what we want. What tightlining does is give the illusion of thick eyelashes and opens the eyes beautifully. On a lazy day, that’s all I do. I use Revitalash and tint my lashes so mascara is mostly optional. But for a more finished look, I give a swipe of my favourite mascara, Clinique Lash Power.

Blush & Bronzer: Almost done! Now, I look in the mirror and smile, so I can see the apples of my cheeks. Then I apply a soft dusting of a sheer pink blush right on those babies. My latest love is the gorgeous Bobbi Brown Antigua – it’s called and illuminating bronzer but to my eyes its a sheer cool pink. I LOVE it! The shade is universally flattering, and so sheer that it is practically fail proof. Illuminating? Yes it is glowy, but only in the broadest definition. There is no glitter or glimmer but somehow it adds a glow and I can’t believe it took me until 2 months ago to get it! Then, if I need it, I grab my favourite bronzer (lately also Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzer in Aruba but I also love Guerlain Terracotta – read about my fave bronzing powders here ). You don’t have to go all Jersey Shore with bronzer. At this time of year, a tiny bit to add colour to our pale faces is all you need.

Lips: And now apply whatever you want on your lips! After brushing my teeth, I give my lips a good scrub with a facecloth to prep them. I am a balm fanatic so I usually apply my lip balm now and put on gloss or sheer lippy before heading out the door. Almost all my lip colour is in my purse so I do that after my morning routine. My balms du jour are La Mer and, save me from myself, Chanel Lip Care. Cold weather and central heating dry out my lips so I work hard to keep them soft and supple.

S o- TA DA, you are done! Seriously, if this takes you more than 15 minutes, you need to practice and practice to get your time down! It’s easy and a great way to look polished but not make up. And, it’s super easy to glam up your look for parties by adding some shimmery taupe or gold shadow, or a little grey or taupe liner along the bottom lash line, and a dramatic or bright lip colour. I keep a blotting powder in my purse to keep shine at bay, and my YSL Touche Eclat in case I need to hide/highlight anything mid-day. But- that’s it!

Do you have any tips for your morning routine? I’d love to know!

Daly Beauty Fall 2012 Beauty Faves…so far

Daly Beauty Fall 2012 Beauty Faves…so far

Daly Beauty Fall Favourites


Just wanted to post a quick post on my recent Fall 2012 faves. I finally took the plunge and got Clé de Peau Concealer- what kind of beauty blogger would I be if I didn’t? It is all I dreamt of and more. Applies like a dream, gives impeccable coverage and lasts all day without caking or wearing. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? When I look at my pile of concealers that have not lived up to their promises, I’d say yes. Plus a little goes a long way so the CPU (Cost Per Use) numbers make sense as well. I got a chance to try the Becca Beach Tint cheek colour while perusing the lovely beauty offerings at Portofino Tanning in Beverly Hills while my girlfriend got a spray tan. FYI- best and most natural spray tan I have ever seen, by the way. Wow. Anyways, the gorgeous girls at the salon recommended this blush gel, and I LOVE it. Grapefruit is the perfect pinky coral tone for medium skin tone blondes, and it looks GORGEOUS on the lips too. I layer the Sara Happ Lip Slip on top. Ok- how did I not know about this product? Soft, cushy kissable lips that look full and gorgeous, with no plumping ingredients or actions? Wow. It’s the perfect pink lip balm/gloss. Not too sticky and with the perfect amount of sheen. I grabbed the California Tan bronzing powder as well. It is the *perfect* tan shade for my face without adding shimmer or a too baked look. A new staple in my make up collection. I’ve waxed poetically about Chanel Le Vernis Frenzy and Suspicious here…

Skincare for fall is important. Our skin is adjusting to changing temperatures and moisture/humidity levels, and is recovering from sun and wind. Even a judicious applier of sunscreen (like me!) needs to treat our skin kindly after summer. My skin is soaking up every drop of  Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Gel, creating a perfect base for my standard Vichy PROeven during the day, and my NeoStrata Level 3 Lotion is exfoliating all the dry dead skin cells left over from summer while keeping my pores squeaky clean at night. A simple glycolic acid exfoliator, the NeoStrata also reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores. Ok- Rodin Olio Lusso- can we talk? This stuff is divine and more importantly, it works, despite my concerns that it was all hype. I am using the face oil at night on my neck and wake up with moist dewy skin. It is a thick rich oil that leaves only the most lovely skin behind. I bought a perfect little Rodin travel set at Gee Beauty in Toronto and have a large sized bottle of the Rodin Olio Lusso in my future.

I grabbed a little bottle of Malin & Goetz Synthesized Musk and am seriously in love with this subtle and soft skin scent. It is similar to Kiehl’s Musk, but softer and a bit soapier or cleaner. It stays very close to the skin, and adds a sexy delicious sweetness to any perfume you might want to layer with it. The 30 ml bottle is perfect for the purse, and I love the clean white design of the Malin & Goetz line.

What are your fall faves…so far?

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Banish Future Blemishes & Hide The Ones You Have With Vichy

I am recent lover of Vichy skincare. After Vichy proEVEN pretty much changed my life and my life and my skin, I have a lot of faith in what Vichy can do for me. Since using Vichy proEVEN my skin tone has changed to the point where my poor concealer collection is gathering dust.  I used to have spots left behind from blemishes that seemed to last forever. I was covering up all the time. Vichy proEVEN has made that unnecessary. I can say honestly as well, that every woman I have recommended proEVEN to have told me the same thing. Usually within the first week of use, they see a dramatic difference.
I do love to use a mask and scrub for my pores still, however. I like a deep cleansing mud-type mask, and I like a scrub that is not too abrasive. Enter Vichy Normaderm Tri-Activ Mask. The website says “a triple action mask that cleanses, exfoliates and mattifies. A formula associating a high concentration of clay, ”peeling” ingredients and a soothing agent.”. And it’s true. I don’t get irritated or red from using it, and my skin feels baby soft. I like to put it on before the shower and let it dry, then use gentle circular scrubbing motions to rinse it off 10 minutes later in the shower. Use it as a cleanser to thoroughly yet gently eliminate sebum/impurities without drying skin. It also unclogs pores to help reduce blackheads/whiteheads and evens out skin tone. Use it as a mask, and it draws out impurities, as it is enriched with 25% natural clay to remove excess sebum to clarify complexion
The emphasis on this product, besides the efficacy of it, is the gentle formulation. It’s hypoallergenic, soap & paraben-free, and made with the famous Vichy thermal spa water. I love it now, but I know I’m going to love it even more in the summer. 
The only concealer I use is one under my eyes, and one to cover the occasional evil zit that decides to set up shop on my face. And the one I am using for that is, big surprise, Vichy Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Stick. My friend uses it and told me she loves it’s mattifying qualities as well the fact it is medicated to help up those zits. It’s in a nifty twist-up pencil format, which makes it perfect for the purse. The colour is supposed to be universal, which is a bit of a stretch. It’s on the darker side, yet not dark enough for a dark complexion. It works for me, and I can dab a little powder on top to lighten it. If I am using self tanner or in the summer, the colour is perfect. It actually helps dry up the little zits without drying out the skin. Most medicated concealers contain so much stuff they dry out the skin, and non-medicated ones can clog pores. Vichy Normaderm Stick is just right. My 16 year old uses on her acne as well and really likes it.
Vichy is available at Canadian drugstores: the Tri-Activ Mask is around $20 for 125ml and the stick is around $15. Vichy Tri-Activ Mask will be available in the US August 2012.

Clean & Fresh Skin With Weleda

One Step Cleanser & Toner and Refining Toner
I’m on a bit of a Weleda kick these days. I love the purity of the products, and the comforting gentle scents. Lately I’ve been enjoying their One Step Cleanser & Toner and their Refining Toner. They manage to treat my “winter ravaged skin that also went south on holiday” gently while exfoliating yucky dulling dry skin. 
The One Step Cleanser is a really neat product. It has a thin milky consistency that lends itself best to use with a cotton pad. I love it as a refreshing cleanser in the morning. It wakes up my skin, removes excess oil gently and adds a glow. It has a zesty scent that invigorates without being overwhelming. I especially loved it while on holiday after a day walking around in the heat, and it is amazing after a work out. I find the scent a bit strong to use on my eyes, but it does remove eye make up as well if you can tolerate it. My eyes are especially sensitive so your mileage may vary. It is a toner as well but more of a moisturizing toner. My skin feels soft and dewy after cleansing without a hint of tightness at all. SO I would say this would work for different skin types well. It removes the bad but keeps the good. I adore the cobalt blue glass container- it has an old fashioned high quality feel about it, in addition to looking pretty. And the product inside is kept nice and stable. A little of the One Step Cleanser goes a long way so this will last me ages!
The Refining Toner is just fab. I use plain old rosewater obsessively but like to use a toner that will improve the texture and consistency of my skin ie remove dead skin, refine pores and brighten the tone. This toner is full of good stuff like rose and lemon to clarify and tone and I love it. I use it with a cotton pad in the evening after taking off my make up. I find it especially wonderful during times of the month when my skin is a bit oilier and needs a little extra help to stay clear. It definitely adds a glow. 
Weleda is available on their website and most drugstore and health food stores.

Photoshop For Real Life – Make Up Forever HG Powder

How have I not reviewed the amazing Make Up Forever HD Powder? Perhaps because it is such a necessity, I may sadly have taken it for granted. I got into a Twitter discussion about this last week and had such an overwhelming response of shared love for this, I figured it was time to discuss it. 
Make Up Forever ( hereafter known as MUFE) HD Powder is a loose powder that is white and promises to blur just about anything- pores, shine, lines, spots- you name it. Not only does it promise but it delivers.  I got my little jar (they are small…but honestly they last forever) at Sephora and use my own small fluffy brush to apply. When all other make up has been applied, a touch of the HD powder and BOOM! All flaws are gone. And I mean gone. I had to squint in the mirror the first time I used it as I could not believe how perfect my skin appeared. 
I tap a little bit of the powder into the lid, lightly dip the brush in, tap the brush, then “buff” it on, blending thoroughly.  I am generally not a fan of loose powder- messy and not klutz proof, but the little jars of MUFE HD Powder are pretty great. Turn it upside down with the cap on, tap the bottom of the jar with the brush, and you end up with “just enough” powder in the cap to dust down the t-zone. Perfect! Being basically just pure silica, it leaves no trace of colour on the skin and truly works with every skin tone. I use it in place of translucent setting powder and the beauty is with MUFE HD Powder, I need less tinted moisturizer, less concealer- less everything.
But, as with all good things, there is a danger to HD Powder. Blending and a light hand are key, because this miracle stuff has an evil side. There is no pigment, so to speak, in HD Powder, but the silica in it can leave a very visible white cast in bright flash photography if blended judiciously. And even then, if the flash is close to your face and bright, well, there can be issues.  I know you’ve seen these photos of the stars that look like they stuck their face in a flour bag (or worse…) before heading out….YIKES.

That said, you will still have to pry my MUFE HD Powder from my cold dead hands. This stuff is amazing and really helps you feel polished and presentable when you may otherwise feel shiny and blotchy. Go from shiny or sweaty to cool as a cucumber in a few shakes of your jar. There is really no way to describe the wonderful effect this powder has, so I suggest you get to a Make Up Forever counter and get a demo. I got my powder at Sephora for $30, and they often have a wee size for around $17 that is perfect for purse, gym bag etc. It is one of the best cosmetic purchases. Evah.

Beautiful Clear Skin with La Roche Posay

My oily acne prone skin drives me crazy. I won’t complain too much, as oily skin tends to age slower and my mother’s smooth lovely skin is proof of that. At any rate, I still don’t like breakouts. Taking cod liver oil capsules has made a huge difference (thanks to Beauty Editor’s amazing post ) but a bit of topical help is still good. A lot of acne creams make my skin dry & flakey which is a drag. When I have a zit that need healing, or dry flakey skin, La Roche Posay Cicaplast has proven miraculous. Makes sense that another La Roche Posay product would help those little zit buggers before they become a wound. 
I saw La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo at my local pharmacy, being sold with the Effaclar cleanser as a bonus. I decided to give it a try, based on my love of the Cicaplast. From the website: Effaclar Duo is a complete skincare product that combines 4 active ingredients to act on the two main symptoms of skin with imperfections: Severe localised imperfections: Niacinamide and Piroctone Olamine to fight against bacterial proliferation and eliminate imperfections. Pores clogged with sebum: the combination of LHA and Linoleic Acid unclogs pores while eliminating the accumulated dead cells responsible for blockage. These active ingredients are combined with soothing, anti-irritant La Roche-Posay thermal spring water to reduce redness.
The first thing I notice is the texture. It is creamy and milky and quite thin, a light liquid that just melts into the skin. Not thick at all but nor is it drying.  It has a fresh clean scent that I quite like, it feels fresh going on. It doesn’t build up or ball off (like some salicylic acid gels) but seems to sink right into the skin. I feel my skin is clearer and brighter since using it. The main thing I really like about Effaclar and La Roche Posay is that they recognize that acne prone and oily skin are also sensitive skin. It took me a long time to realize that by using harsh nasty stuff on my face, it would often freak out and break out even worse. I’ve found the gentler I am, the better my skin is. Basic gentle cleansing, no violent scrubbing and no harsh creams.  Effaclar Duo is very gentle- trust me.
The Effaclar Gel cleanser that came with the lotion as a bonus is also terrific. I am just as happy with my usual cleanser but this one came in a smallish tube that will be perfect for travel. 
I got my La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo at Shopper’s Drug Mart for $25.00, with the cleanser as a free bonus. US buyers can get La Roche Posay online here.