Aroma M Camellia Hair Oil For Silky, Touchable Tresses

Aroma M Camellia Hair Oil For Silky, Touchable Tresses

I love oils- skin oils, hair oils….I love the idea of a product that sinks in, gives immediate results and nourishes the body and mind. Therapeutic oils usually smell wonderful, and if they don’t, well, I don’t want to use them. Aroma M knows scent well- as a matter of fact she has a gorgeous line of perfumes, her Geisha line. Why I don’t have a bottle of Geisha Blanche yet is a mystery. Must fix that. Her whole delicate and beautiful aesthetic is so lovely and soothing. Even the packaging is thoughtful and pretty. Back to her oils.

Aroma M Camellia Hair Oil is based on, well, camellia oil. From  her site:

“Camellia oil softens, nourishes and restores health and sheen to hair damaged by heat, colorants and perms. It prevents breakage and split ends, softens scalp and relives itchiness due to dryness, allergies or dandruff. It is believed that camellia oil will increase hair growth, making it fuller and healthier in just a few weeks, even restoring color to the first white hair. It transforms dry, brittle, neglected hair into gleaming strands. It provides vitamins and nutrients that can strengthen hair and to prevent damage and split ends. Camellia oil, also known as tea seed oil, contains a high amount of natural vitamin E, essential for healthy hair and quick hair growth.”

Who doesn’t want all of these benefits in a hair treatment? I sure do. I highlight my hair, which dries it out, and my hair is quite long, which means the ends of the hair can get dry as well. I’ve used many oils, and I’ve tossed many products than claim to be oils but that are actually just bottles of silicone. To be fair, silicone can temporarily improve the appearance of your hair, but it does not actually have any benefits other than how it looks. And, it also builds up and needs to be stripped out on a regular basis, and can block actual conditioners from reaching the hair shaft, which can in the end dry out your hair even more. So I was quite excited to try Aroma M’s Camellia Hair Oil and it has so far garnered impressive results.

Even in idea conditions, my hair is thick with a somewhat coarse texture. Getting to behave and taming the mane can be a challenge at the best of times. I rarely even blow dry it, as even the slightest hint of humidity makes it pouffy, and if I’ve wrestled the wave out of it with a brush and blow dryer, pouffe without wave just looks awful. Ladies- there is a lesson here. Fight your hair’s texture at your peril. It has taken me many years & many bad hair days to learn to work with my hair’s natural texture and tendencies. So to wear it wavy, I still want it to be soft and smooth, without being flat, greasy or limp.

camellia white flower

White Camellia flower

I applied a bit of Aroma M Camellia Oil to my damp hair, after taking it out of the towel I leave it in for a few minutes after my shower, and before applying any styling products. I rubbed the oil between my palms to warm and distribute it evenly, then gently pulled it though my hair from around my temples down. I was very careful not to use it close to my roots, as I did not want to get them greasy, but instead stayed close to my dry ends. I used around half a teaspoon’s worth, and to be honest, I should have used less. Considering how much hair I have, that is saying a lot. This oil is rich and concentrated, and truly, a little goes a long way. My hair is silky soft, and shiny, with no frizzy or coarse ends. It smells soft and gently herbal but the best part is the hint of tuberose oil. Wow. It is very subtle, and I have to stuff my hair under my nose to smell it, and that is only while wet. The scent dissipates, and to be honest, I wish a bit of that delicious tuberose remained! I am obsessed with the idea of hair perfume.  But, that is not what Aroma M Camellia Oil promises. It does all kinds of good healing stuff, and I plan to give myself a scalp massage with it before my next shampoo. I also plan to try a more intensive treatment, perhaps applying it to my hair before bedtime and letting it sink in before shampooing. Verdict: LOVE! I can’t imagine getting through winter and our drying central heating without this lovely oil!

Aroma M Camellia Hair Oil is available on Aroma M’s site for $65 for a 40ml bottle

Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Argan Dry Oil: Contains Actual Argan Oil

Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Argan Dry Oil: Contains Actual Argan Oil

I have a real problem with hair/skin treatments that call themselves “oils” when they are really 90%+ silicone. Bulletin: these are 90% of treatment oils on the market, for hair especially. If you like silicones, and find they work for you, well, this is good news for you. Silicones coat the hair with a smooth glassy finish and give the appearance of smooth silky hair. However, I have found, over time, silicones only mask the problem. Unless you regularly use the clarifying shampoos, silicones will also prevent hair conditioners and masks from helping your hair. In the end, silicone abuse ended up making my hair look like flat, dry straw. So- it has it’s place, if used properly, and if you use the silicones that are water soluble.

I love Kiehl’s, and I love their Midnight Recovery Concentrate, which is a superbly effective cocktail of actual oils that soothe and comfort skin, while adding radiance and moisture. I’d had a sample of Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Dry Oil at one point, and recall using it on my legs and quite liking it. (Note: Kiehl’s is one of the most generous companies when it comes to offering samples. If you try it, you are more likely to buy it. They get it.). I was wondering about the ingredient list the other day as I pondered their dry oil, and mused about it on Twitter. Their social media manager is clearly on the ball, as they replied right away that there were no silicones in the Superbly Restorative Dry Oil. Ding-ding-ding! I ran out and bought it later that day.

I take my shiny hair seriously as you can see. Jeesh.


I shampooed with my new fave ICON India Oil shampoo and conditioner, and after I combed out my hair, I applied a bit of Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Dry Oil to the ends of my hair, before applying my styling products. It has a slightly herbal scent, perhaps a mixture of lavender with woodsy notes (patchouli?) but it really is soft, and does not linger in the hair (or on skin) at all. My hair has seen a lot of sun this summer and is a bit parched so I was hoping it would help. After styling my hair I can honestly say it feels softer and silkier than it has all summer. Less pouffy and dry, yet still bouncy and shiny. So shiny! I would advise using a tiny bit at at time as it would be easy to apply to much which would likely make ones hair look, well, oily. The photo above is the second day after shampooing and I was trying to get the daylight coming in my skylight to hit my hair so you could see how shiny it is. If you could touch my hair, I guarantee it is as soft as it is shiny. Colour me thrilled, despite my serious expression…

Want shine built in to your  hairspray? Go Gay! Vintage ads rock.

Bonus: I also used some Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Dry Oil on my skin after the shower, and I loved the way it felt and how it made my skin feel. Again, another product that is perfect to use on bare legs when wearing shorts or skirts, to add a lovely healthy shine and banish dry, scaly or ashy skin. Win!

Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Dry Oil with Argan is available online or at their stores for around $42 for a 125ml bottle.