Beautiful Blogs of the Week

There are some great folks writing fun stuff out there and I would love to share my favourite beautiful blogs with you. So, in the tradition of the weekly roundup, the weekly blogroll etc, I will be posting my Beautiful Blog Posts Of the Week for you. Life is busy and not everyone is as obsessive as I am about scouring the interwebs so I am happy to give you some quick links to some great reading!
The wise & beautiful Gaia over at The Non-Blonde revisits Estee Lauder Beautiful, the classic 80s floral perfume. I wore it…did you? 
So happy to discover that Abigail of I Smell Therefore I Am wrote about the new release from Diptyque,  Eau Duelle, the “vanilla for those who don’t like vanilla”. I have been dying to try this and Abigail’s lovely review makes it sound like something I might need….
The fabulous Michelle over at The Beauty Editor has been updating from New York Fashion Week with looks that are making sexy 70s hair and come hither make-up look like a great alternative to the flat iron and boring daytime make up….
Chanel nail polish hysteria continues and the lovely Christine at Temptalia tempts us (well me anyways, I am a sucker for Chanel nail polish…) with the new for fall Chanel Soho Story Limited Edition polishes Steel and Strong. These dark dramatic colours seem perfect to wear with cozy sweaters and fabulous boots…
Over at Beautygeeks, the beautiful and not geeky at all Janine chats with stylist Phillip Bloch about Style Lite and going on a Shopping Diet. As I look through my closet and see stuff with tags still attached, I’m thinking this is a diet I might want to try….
I hope you enjoy these beautiful tidbits of wisdom as much as I did. It’s a gorgeous sunny fall evening here and I am SO going out for dinner. Have a lovely weekend!

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