Clean Skincare You Need To Try Now: Sahajan Ayurvedic Skin & Hair Care

If you are looking to green up your skincare, a skincare line that uses Ayurvedic theories and natural ingredients is a terrific way to start. Founded by the beautiful Lisa Mattam, born from a desire to put only gentle and pure products on her skin, and to honour and revisit her Indian heritage.



From their website:

Ayurveda seeks to understand an individual’s unique needs, achieving wellness through balancing the elements of everyday life.

To create the Sahajan line of products, our team in Canada worked with leading Ayurvedic doctors in Kerala. Through extensive research and testing we were able to develop effective formulations, using traditional remedies to treat modern stresses on skin and hair. Complex practices of Ayurveda were distilled into their essential elements, to better work in a modern context. 

Products inspired by Ayurveda but grounded in science. More than just a beauty line, it’s a way to incorporate tradition into everyday life, moving forward while finding balance. A way to heal and nourish hair and skin, without worrying about the ingredients. Sahajan is about finding that beauty is in your nature.

All the Sahajan products have a gorgeous and luxe yet gentle scent, and the whole line is…interesting. I say interesting because as soon as you open the jars and use the product, it’s immediately obvious that Sahajan is not like any other line. The creams and serum are a rich creamy brown shade, and a soft yet rich and satisfying scent. The scent is natural and not oppressive, and disappears as the skin absorbs the products. That said, if you are sensitive to fragrance, you might want to see if you can test these before buying. The price point is mid to high, but the products are all rich and concentrated so will last several months, and are good for your skin.

Sahajan Skincare Review ayurvedic skincare

I really like their Restorative Eye Cream (15ml $45 CAD) – it’s rich but absorbs beautifully. I like to use this one at night, and my skin drinks up the oils, leaving me bright eyed in the morning.

Ayurvedic medicine has developed natural – and delicious – ways to nourish the skin. Coconut Oil hydrates, while Honey helps repair the delicate skin around the eyes. Triphala, a powerful antioxidant blend of three fruits, helps to brighten skin’s appearance. Neem Oil is prescribed in Ayurveda as a way to reduce inflammation and signs of tiredness.

The Nourish Face Cream (50ml $60 CAD)  is lovely and great for dry skin. It’s great for sensitive skin, and makes a great post-shave moisturizer. My husband loves the way it feels, as it’s rich without being too heavy. It’s a terrific night time deep moisturizing treatment and a terrific way to wake up with a glow.

The Protective Face Serum (50ml $70 CAD) is a gorgeous luxe treatment with richly concentrated vitamin C for brightening skin tone, antioxidants to fight ageing, while also fighting the look of the fine lines and wrinkles. It’s highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way, and it feels wonderful while being massaged into the skin. I apply it all the way down my neck as well, and my skin loves it and drinks it up greedily.

The Nurture Hair Oil (50 ml $50 CAD) is not only lovely and luxurious, but it’s also silicone free! Full of almond, amla and coconut oil, it strengthens the hair and soothes dry itchy scalps. I love to apply it before a shampoo and wrap my hair in a hot towel for around 30 minutes. My hair is magically shiny and bouncy, as well as protected from heat styling products. It has a sweet, almost vanilla-almond scent that I love so much I like to rub it on my skin too! Hint: this would make a lovely fragrance for a perfume….

Have you tried Ayurvedic skincare before? Are you intrigued?

Sahajan Skincare review dalybeauty


Sahajan products are sold on their website, or find a stockist here.

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