Review: The Library Apothecary Multibalm

Who doesn’t love a good multipurpose balm? I certainly love balms, be they melty emollient body balms, and stick balms for lips and cuticles. I bought a balm from a Canadian Etsy Store called The Library Apothecary – their MultiBalm. There is also a new website here. It’s a neat shop with a changing variety of products that likely rotates depending on production and supplies available. Here is the Multibalm, and I am also very intrigued by the gorgeous sounding Eldar Balm ($68 CAD). Anyways, I’ve been using the TLA Multibalm on my lips and cuticles in rotation with my stash of other stuff and love it.

It’s mostly lanolin, lecithin and squalene and feels both hydrating AND moisturizing. What a lovely little product the Multibalm is. It’s the kind of hero product that I could see on the counter of a chic shop or boutique as an easy peasy impulse purchase while one is at the cash, as it was $15 which seems like an incredible deal. I’d easily pay $20 for this beauty. You can find them on Instagram @thelibraryapothecary and get updates on new product launches. The Library Apothecary does colour too and I highly recommend checking them out.