Soft Skin That Smells Like Roses- Lancôme Accord 3 Roses Lait Corps Fraîcheur

It was only a matter of time before I caved and spent $45 on the rose body milk Lancôme released this past summer, Lancôme Accord 3 Roses Lait Corps Fraîcheur. I’ve tried it a few times, told myself I didn’t need it (eyes overflowing shelf of body lotions and potions) and resisted. I caved yesterday and am happy I did. What is it? It’s a beautiful and rich body milk, full of Lancome’s rose goodness. Lancôme uses the beautiful rose as a moisturizing benefit in most of their products, as well as a gentle scent. Just like violet is the signature note in Guerlain cosmetics, rose is the Lancôme signature.

Lancôme Lait Corps Fraîcheur uses what Lancôme calls their “3 rose harmony”…”skin recovers suppleness like the delicate touch of a rose petal, enveloped with dewdrops”. Works for me! It contains Rosa Centifolia which soothes skin, Rosa Gallica which has antioxidant properties to protect skin daily, and Rosa Canina which is rich in essential fatty acids to moisturize skin. I’m already a big believer in the wonderful properties of rose and how it helps our skin and this body milk is no exception. It has a gorgeous creamy texture and literally melts into the skin. The scent is soft and delicate, and never overwhelms. That said, if you don’t like the scent of rose, this is probably not the product for you. However, if you dislike strong or sour rose notes, give this a try. It is so gentle with a creamy sweet under tone. It is delicious, frankly. And it also makes you feel good. The scent of rose has a calming and mood lifting effect, and has even been said to have anti-depressant benefits. So Lancôme Lait Corps Fraîcheur is perfect as a pick me up when applied in the morning, and is also soothing at bedtime. I use it at morning and night! But, I am crazy about moisturizing…

Me during my rose period.

The moisturizing benefits of this body milk are fantastic. As mentioned, it melts into the skin beautifully and leaves soft moist and dewy skin behind. I ALWAYS read the ingredient list on beauty products before I buy. Always. I don’t like silicone heavy products, as they give a false sense of smooth and silky and don’t actually offer any moisturizing properties. So Lancôme Lait Corps Fraîcheur has some silicone in it, but is way down the ingredient list, which means it is likely there for slip and texture more than anything else. I love the way Lancôme Lait Corps Fraîcheur smells, and I love the way it makes my skin feel. Verdict? Love.

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