There a few rules about what bloggers write about and review. The main one is that we need to disclose what we have been given for purposes of reviewing. This is so the reader understands clearly the relationship between the brand, company and product and the writer. A great review of a product is basically an ad, the product given is the compensation. It’s not much, mind you, and beauty products don’t pay the bills, but you get my point. This is also true if the blogger has a financial interest in the product they are reviewing. Being a shill for your own line without disclosing this is a serious faux pas.

On my blog, if you read the word “sample” in a post, that means I did not pay for that product. I received a sample from the company or brand, or, begged a sample off a kind Sales Associate (which I am very good at, by the way). If I fall in love with a sample, I want to tell you all about it so you can love it too. You may have noticed I don’t do negative reviews on Daly Beauty. If I don’t like a product, I don’t review it. A sample that does what it claims to do means I will likely go buy some for myself. Sampling works and encourages sales – companies know this.

I will qualify that “sample” means product that I did not pay for and that is marked “press sample” or  “not for resale”. This applies to full sized products as well as “sample sizes” such as carded perfumes and foil wrapped skin care. At this time, Daly Beauty only reviews full sized products to be able to truly experience a product. 

Sometimes companies send me products but that does not guarantee a review. I will test, I will try, but most importantly: I will not mislead. I’ve been a product junkie forever, and my bank account will attest that most products reviewed here are from my own stash.

Simple truth: If it’s reviewed here, it’s because I love it and want to share it with you. You can ask me anything you like about disclosure or anything on the blog with a comment, or by emailing me at dalybeauty@gmail.com

Thanks for reading my blog, guys.