Jane Daly

DALY BEAUTY CHANEL Le Rouge No1 review swatches

My family is my everything. I could not live without coffee. I lie on the floor and talk to my cat regularly. I feel the spirit of my Auntie Luba, my beauty and perfume idol, around me often and I even smell her perfume sometimes. I believe in that kind of stuff. I used to pretend I was Samantha from Bewitched. Still do sometimes. I always wanted to live in a Brady Bunch house. Now I do. I listen to disco and seventies Yacht Rock all the time. I could eat sandwiches for every meal, except dinner and that could be burgers every night. I love Campari and soda. All my sheets and towels are white. I have over two hundred bottles of perfume. My husband has more shoes than I do. My daughters are smarter than I am. I’m full of advice about what beauty products people need and what perfume they should wear. I can name your perfume just by smelling you. In fact I can practically smell you from here.

Email me at dalybeauty@gmail.com
  • Great spot on the DAWG this morning

    • Hey Michael! Thank you so much for tuning in! Sorry I just saw your message!

  • Ali Awais

    Hey Jane ! Great Work.

  • wmrcraig

    Hey Jane. How do we communicate for business purposes? No info on your blog?

    • Hi – my email address is written above at the end of the paragraph.

  • Monica Brisson

    Your intro is so unique and refreshing it is a delight to learn more from you. P.S We have some things in common, you know.

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