I started DALY BEAUTY in 2010 as a way to share all my beauty and perfume secrets. Ever since I can remember, friends have come to me for advice on skincare, beauty and perfume. I love solving problems, and helping someone find the right skincare, beauty and perfume solution makes me happy. It’s amazing what happens when someone gives you a tip, and you look in the mirror and say “YES! This is what I wanted! I love it!”. It’s like finding a map to our best selves.

And perfume – well, what can I say other than I smell my way around the world and can never sniff enough. From vintage, to drug store, luxury and niche, there is a world waiting to be sniffed. I love sharing my smelly passion and hearing others share theirs as well. And the recently released Eau de Jane was created to share with all of you!

So, to sum it up, DALY BEAUTY is here to tell you what I’m loving in skincare, beauty and perfume. My favourites and my routines, always tempered with a bit of retro beauty flare. I only do positive reviews, so come to DALY BEAUTY if you want positivity! I’ve had so much positive feedback from readers and followers who have taken my advice, and it energizes me to keep going. Thank you for reading…

Questions? Lets chat! Email me at dalybeauty@gmail.com, Tweet me at @dalybeauty and follow me on me on Instagram @dalybeauty.

Jane xo