My hair after shampooing & styling with Dove....5 x smoother

My hair after shampooing & styling with Dove….5 x smoother

Jane Daly ~ Beauty Guru and Perfume Whisperer ~

Some stuff about me:

- Editor and writer of Daly Beauty

- Elle Canada Top Canadian Beauty Blogger 

- Member of the Style Council

- A Huffington Post Canadian Beauty Insider

- Contributor to Lucky Magazine

I worked for many years in the perfume and beauty industry and have a true love for beauty that borders on obsession. I am hypnernosmic, which means I can pretty much smell you from here. My friends have used me as their beauty guru for years so writing about it was a natural progression- it just makes it easier to share my secrets and fun finds! I don’t believe we have to spend a lot of money to feel beautiful, and beauty and fragrance are easy ways to have fun without breaking the bank.

I love to help women find their own individual beauty and to bring a positive message to all things beauty related.

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