A Healthy Glow with Dermaglow Tinted Moisturizer

I hate foundation- don’t wear it, never have. I like tinted moisturizers- in theory- but find most too heavy and foundation-like for my tastes. Evening out skintone is different than coating skin in a layer of spackle. I have oily skin, so avoid silicones and any oil based products, and I’ve been let down by oil-free products. Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer was as thick and oily as anything I’d ever tried. So I stuck to my favourite, if not obscenely priced Dermalogica Sheer Moisture Tint with SPF15. Mattefying and thin, it lasts all day on my skin and does not irritate. Or, I use my HG primers, Shu Uemura Under Base Mousse, or Exuberance Silicone Free Primer. 
I recently decided to try Dermaglow Tinted Moisturizer on the basis of my utter love for their skincare and was not disappointed- it is now in my arsenal of amazing skin secrets and even when I’m sick as a dog with a winter cold, I can fake a healthy glow without looking made up or oily. It was hard to photograph a true colour, but you will note it goes from pink toned to yellow, leading me to think it could work on many skin tones. Trust me when I say it actually disappears into the skin when fully blended but I thought a shot of fully blended aka invisible product wouldn’t be helpful.

Applied then slightly blended….
…the blending progression… a little more blending would render it invisible.

Dermaglow Tinted Moisturizer is one of those cool self-adjusting formulas in that it comes out of the tube white then transforms when applied to the skin. It seems a little dark but I find applying very little and spreading it evenly gives my skin an even glowing appearance that looks like it comes from within, not from make up. It lasts, and even though it is moisturizing and anti-aging, manages to stay satiny and almost matte. It is chock full of anti aging peptides to smooth lines and hyarulonic acid to replenish and attract moisture which helps gently plump the skin. I dust a bit of my MAC Blot powder on top and use a concealer on any trouble spots and my face it done for hours. I have tested it driving in a convertible in Florida sun and heat, and while walking around in Canada’s brutal cold and it holds up well in either climate. 
Not this.

I am so happy to have discovered Dermaglow. Stay tuned for my review of Dermaglow Lip Plumper- my new fave that may indeed have pushed my beloved Lip Fusion out of the line up….my love affair with Dermaglow continues…I buy my Dermaglow at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada but here is a link to their Where To Buy page.
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