A Princely Perfume: Floris London Cambridge Eau de Parfum

Floris London has been creating elegant luxury scents for almost 300 years. With celebrity clients such as Princess Diana, Winston Churchill, and Marilyn Monroe, their reputation is as impressive as it is understated. They have a special bespoke perfumery service and have been creating bespoke perfume for a long list of highly esteemed clientele dating back as far as 1730. Some of these recipes remain olfactory secrets, handed down over the generations. Others, such as Special No.127 created for Russia’s Grand Duke Orloff in 1890, were later introduced for everyone to enjoy. That is one I would love to try! I already adore Floris Snow Rose and Floris Night Scented Jasmine, and the green garden-y scent of one of Princess Diana’s favourites, Floris Seringa, is one of my beloved green perfumes.


Created, as part of Floris London’s “By Request” service, to celebrate the joyful arrival and Christening of Prince George Alexander Louis, we are delighted to announce the launch of the new Eau de Parfum – ‘Cambridge’, a clean, fresh marine, woody fragrance with a modern amber base. Beginning with a crystal clean Marine accord and resinous green notes of galbanum and bergamot the fragrance travels through to the heart notes of jasmine and lavender, warmed with cedarwood and fir balsam. The rich base of the fragrance is balanced with modern ambers, musks and a hint of vanilla. Floris was kind enough to send me a tiny bottle of Cambridge and their description is spot on. I’d say it leans to the masculine, but a woman who loves woodsy fragrances might love this as well. It’s elegant and soft, and a wonderful touching tribute to wee Prince George.


Floris London Cambridge is available from their shops and online, and a 100ml bottle is around $220 USD.

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