AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle: Bottled Happiness


I’m a giant fan of AERIN’s beauty line. Her aesthetic is gorgeous – modern without being cold, and with a classic touch that is never old or dated. The gold packaging of the beauty is pretty, and her perfume bottles are too pretty to hide away in a cupboard. I adore the hefty square bottles, and the coloured polished “stones” on the caps are elegant. They have that smooth beach stone feel that is comforting to hold in your hand.

AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle was released in December 2015 for the holiday collections but could not be more perfect for summer. Lovers of clean, fresh and soapy perfumes need to RUN not walk to the store and try this. You’ll fall in love. I instantly felt transported to sweet summer days, feeling the warm sun on bare skin and a fresh breeze blowing through my hair. When our girls were younger we used to spend summer holidays in St Jean de Luz on the beach, and while that’s not the Mediterannean, there is a European beach vibe that is captured in this lovely perfume.

From their webite:

Escape to the sun-drenched, azure Mediterranean with this eau de parfum by AERIN Beauty. Sweet honeysuckle and sparkling grapefruit take you there, evoking lush flowers and shimmering beaches. Sun warmed Italian bergamot and mandarin oil impart a citrusy, long-lasting freshness. Lily of the valley and lush gardenia add to the sensuality and richness of jasmine sambac absolute. It is a fragrance as magical and wonderful as its inspiration. Notes: sweet honeysuckle, sparkling grapefruit, Italian bergamot, mandarin oil, lily of the valley, gardenia, jasmine sambac absolute.

You do have to love fresh crisp citrus scents to enjoy this perfume. It is a little light on the honeysuckle and feels more like a conceptual honeysuckle rather than literal. The lily of the valley gives it a shimmery and fresh dewy feeling, and the touch of gardenia and jasmine adds a soft barely discernable lushness. It’s the citrus that really sings here – graperfruit and bergmot as bright as the sun.

Citrus fragrances are often used in aromatherapy to energize and uplift. Some people believe that the citrus aromas can curb depression and enhance memory. Research from Japan’s Osaka University made waves awhile back when it showed that the scent of grapefruit actually boosts metabolism and reduces food cravings. Maybe that’s why I feel happy when I wear AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle. Honestly, it was my immediate reaction when I sprayed it on for the first time. Just pure simple happiness.

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  1. Beth

    Love this! I wish the gardenia were more pronounced, but I am so curious to see if I will like this anyway. I might have to go pick up a roller ball now and try it out. 🙂

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