AERIN Tuberose le Jour & Tuberose le Nuit Perfume Reviews

Tuberose is everywhere this season! I am pleasantly surprised by the face that many of this fall’s perfume releases feature white florals. And, considering how much I adore Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia, I swooned when I saw that AERIN had released two new tuberose centric perfumes, I was quite excited! Her Tuberose collection includes a body cream and body wash as well as two perfumes, Tuberose le Jour and Tuberose le Soir.



I raced over to Nordstrom for a sniff and fell instantly in love. We have to remember that AERIN is not only part of the Estée Lauder beauty empire, but that Aerin Lauder is the granddaughter of Estée herself. I’ve always been a lover of Lauder perfumes, and have a lot of respect for the house and their gorgeous compositions.

Aerin started dabbling in perfumes with Lauder released the Private Collection trio of perfumes, and Tuberose Gardenia became an instant love for me. The white floral notes are practically three dimensional in Tuberose Gardenia, and it was clear that Aerin’s passion for beauty and perfume were truly from the heart. I love several of the AERIN perfumes, and the Tuberose duo are true love for me.



AERIN Tuberose le Jour is a bright and sunny tuberose, with sparkling orange blossom, neroli and jasmine backing up the main note. The white floral note are soft yet vivid, and never stringent, with a bit of a soapy vibe, so you know I’m here for it. There is a gentle citrus opening that feels fresh and sunny. The base of soft cozy Cashmeran is just a gentle kiss of woods to warm up the flowers, but the flowers are still front and centre. Its easy to wear, and lasts a decent amount of time on skin. Using an unscented lotion or cream before applying helps longevity. I’ve been wearing it almost every day, and just love it.



AERIN Tuberose le Soir is a deeper richer tuberose, perfectly suited to evening use, as the name implies, but I’ve been wearing it all hours of the day like the rebel I am. The first thing I noticed about Tuberose Le Soir was how much it reminded me of Frederic Malle Carnal Flower. It’s not exactly the same but that’s ok with me, as Carnal Flower is just a bit “much” for my skin. There is a milky coconut vibe that happens in some of the sweet white florals, and it’s there is Le Soir in the softest of ways. Mandarin, bergamot and ylang ylang accent the tuberose beautifully, and combined with the vanilla and sandalwood, Le Soir is sweeter and darker than Le Jour. It’s like tuberose with a little sugar on top – delicious! Le Soir has the beloved bubblegum note that I adore in tuberose perfumes. I always prefer a sweeter softer tuberose versus a nuclear tuberose (like Fracas) and Tuberose le Soir is exactly that.



AERIN perfumes are available at AERIN cosmetic counters like the one at Nordstrom and on

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