Amazing Moisturizing Body Scrubs By AERIN, CND & Bleu Lavande


I am always moisturizing. Always. But applying creams, oils or lotions to skin that has a build of dead or flaky skin cells is throwing money down the shower drain. Every skincare product works best on smooth, exfoliated skin. I’ve used brushes, poufs and loofahs but my favourite way to exfoliate is still with a good old fashioned scrub.

It also helps if they smell lovely and these scrubs smell and feel wonderful!


from left: Bleu Lavande Sea Salt Scrub, CND SPA Gardenia Wood Scrub, AERIN Rose Body Scrub


Bleu Lavande Sea Salt Scrub ($24 C, 160ml) is composed of sea salt and sunflower oil. It has a “melting texture” and it is completely divine. It does melt into the skin as it scrubs, and the oil makes skin soft and supple. Bleu Lavande Sea Salt Scrub is for lavender lovers for sure, as the fragrance is quite prominent. I adore lavender and grow it in my garden, and the fragrance of this scrub is soft and true to it’s name. The lavender in Bleu Lavande products comes from their beautiful estate in the Eastern Townships and there is an artisanal feel to all of their products. Tip: if you love lavender you MUST get their body lotion, too!

CND SPA Gardenia Woods  ($32 CA, 248 ml) is another scrub that landed at DALY BEAUTY. I love the CND line of nail care and was keen to try their SPA line. I love this scrub, and it leaves me with soft skin. The gentle fragrance of sandalwood and chamomile is soothing for the body and the mind! It’s called Gardenia Woods but I don’t smell any gardenia…

AERIN Rose Body Scrub ($87 CA, 6.7oz) is one of my favourite body scrubs, like due to the fact that it smells like a glorious bouquet of roses. I adore the entire AERIN Rose line, and this scrub is simply divine. It’s full of rose extract and oils, and leaves skin gently kissed with the scent of roses and, silky soft and glowing. It’s definitely a luxe skincare option, but as a rose fanatic it’s one I could not pass up!

Do you love body scrubs? What are some of your favourites?

some of the products above were sent to DALY BEAUTY for my unbiased review

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