Baby Soft Lips- Overnight!

I’m a huge fan of La Roche Posay products. Cicaplast is actually miraculous at healing skin issues of any kind, and even though I used it on my lips, it really isn’t heavy enough. So while standing in front of the wall of delicious La Roche Posay beauty products, I spied Ceralip. I whipped out my iPhone and used my handy dandy Make Up Alley product reviews app and wouldn’t you know- Ceralip had a great rating. Do you have the free Make Up Alley app? Or, if you don’t have the app, do you read reviews there? They are amazing and I don’t go shopping without reading there first.

I can’t really find any scientific explanation as to what it does and how other than it has “considerable lipid replenishing powers”. It is recommended for people on Accutane or retinoids, which can cause extreme dryness and peeling, and apparently its designed to stop the peeling. I have been using it at night and LOVE it. My lips are definitely smoother and amazingly, the product is still noticeable on my lips in the morning. It is fragrance and paraben free, so perfect for sensitive skin as well. This will be amazing after a day in the sun this summer.

I got my La Roche Posay at the drugstore for around $15.

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