Be Soft & Yummy With Lovefresh Sugarscrub & Lotion


Goodness knows, I love to moisturize. There are bottles of lotions and potions in every room of the house, in my car, in my purse etc. and I’m rubbing cream on my skin all day long. Pro Tip: in order to maximize your moisture and make the most of whatever lotion or potion you are putting on the skin, one must exfoliate. Best to exfoliate in the shower, then gently blot skin dry and then apply your potion of choice, letting it sink in while you do the rest of your toilette. As you can imagine, I have lots of different scrubs and mits in my arsenal to take care of any dry skin that might be under the impression I want it around. One of my faves right now, is the Lovefresh Sugar Scrub. It’s a yummy scrub in several scents – I have Vanilla, which is lovely for cooler weather- and it’s based on a sugar and shea butter base. Lovefresh is a fun Canadian line using all-natural products which are as luxurious as they are healthy and good for the skin. Also- it was created by a certified aromatherapist, so you can be sure it will smell good.

Lovefresh Sugar Scrub has a fine gritty texture that just feels fresh on the skin, so you really feel your skin getting smoother as you rinse it away. Yet it’s soft and gentle enough not to irritate the skin. It is AMAZING on knees and elbows, and anywhere you want your skin to feel smooth and silky. But, the best part must be due to the shea butter. It actually leaves your skin with a slight glowy sheen of moisture after you scrub. So if you are very careful as you blot dry, you don’t even need to apply lotion! Amazing, I know, and I would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Of course, my daughter loves it, as she isn’t keen on applying lotion after her shower but doesn’t want to have dry skin either.


Now, I do have some Lovefresh Pink Grapefruit and Tangerine Body Lotion as well, but I’ve been using it has a hand cream. I keep it next to my sink and use it every time I wash my hands. It has a soft gentle fruity scent and it rich enough to keep my cuticles soft and moisturized. I love that the scent is gentle enough to not interfere with my perfume, but just fresh and smells like clean skin. The natural scents used by Lovefresh means there no cloying synthetic headache-y perfumes. The Sugarscrub in Vanilla does smell sweet and edible, but it doesn’t linger too long on the skin. Just the way I like them. Verdict? I am loving Lovefresh and they make a perfect addition to my skincare routine. With the holidays coming, I think they will make perfect gifts (hostess gifts!) as well. The clean and simple packaging is sure to add a nice elegant touch to anyone’s bath.

How perfect is this hostess gift?


Lovefresh is available on their website and at these Canadian retailers.

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