Be Sweet & Pretty, Smell Sweet & Pretty

Hey boys and girls, it’s time for another perfume draw! I am loving the sweet boho styles I’m seeing everywhere for summer and it made me think of this beautiful photo. 
Both of my daughters love Taylor Swift, and even I have to admit when her music is playing, I feel relaxed and happy. There is an innocence and simplicity to her sweet country ballads that hooks me in every time. So, I thought it was fitting to give a bottle of Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume away to a lucky reader. Her perfume is sweet, like sort of a fruity gourmande. It has fresh tart lemony notes, with a sweet sort of cupcake-y heart, and then a clean, fresh woodsy dry down. The lemon cupcake note lasts and lasts, and would be lovely on a warm summer night. Don’t worry, this is not just for teenagers! There is a fresh-squeezed summer day note in here that reminds me of D&G Light Blue, with some of the sugar of Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. I would say this one will be a compliment getter for sure!
To enter, simply comment here, and like us and this post on our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter if you are on it! Draw at 6pm on May 16th 2012. And if you are a mom, or have a mom, and you are like me, this song will make you cry….

The winner is Melzzzzzzzzzz! Congratulations & thanks for entering! Watch Daly Beauty for more giveaways! Comments are closed.

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