Beautiful Lippy- Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy

Let me start out by saying I am not a lipstick girl. I don’t like anything that requires a mirror to apply or anything that has so much colour that it needs a precise and concise application. I like my lips to feel soft and moist so lipstick has just never appealed to me. Too thick, too much colour, and a “made up” look that just didn’t feel like me.  I am lucky enough to have fairly high colour in my lips naturally so gloss has always been enough.
Leave it to Chanel to change the way I think. I’d been reading about Rouge Coco all over the beauty blogosphere and had even swatched a few colours- tempted a bit by Mademoiselle but not quite enough to actually buy it. But, it did seem rich and creamy and the colours were gorgeous. I did get the Gabrielle, a gorgeous true red, for my oh so chic Parisienne sister in law for Christmas. She can wear ONLY red lipstick with no other make up and look like a million bucks. Only the French…
Anyways, the buzz for spring has been about Rouge Coco Shine- a sheer non lipstick lipstick. I was at my local Chanel counter getting a bottle of Rose Insolence nail polish that Sabrina wore so gorgeously on The Beauty Look Book (gorgeous, right?) and, wouldn’t you know it, they had the Rouge Coco Shine in Boy on the counter- “the” colour for spring. I gave it a try and was hooked. The perfect YLBB (your lips but better) look that just enhances my lip colour perfectly. It feels soft and smooth and is somehow perfect. Sold. I love it and know I will wear this. I can put it on without a mirror and love the way it enhances my complexion. A sort of pinky mauve tone that I imagine would work with many skin tones. It seemed to morph from cool to warm when I was looking at the swatch on my arm, depending on the way the light hit it. If anyone can do a colour that shape shifts, leave it to Chanel to do it right.

Available for around $38 at most Chanel counters- I got mine at The Bay.

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