Beautiful Soft Waves With Tigi Foxy Curls


Inspired by this Beautygeeks post and the gorgeous Janine, I decided to do my version of the beachy blow dry. I love that loose casual beach hair look it’s one I sport all summer, but after summer we perhaps want a slightly more polished look without being to “done”. As much as I love silky smooth hair, sometimes a full all over blow dry is a bit much and frankly who has the time to do this all the time?
After combing out wet hair, I apply Tigi Foxy Curls Contour Cream from halfway point and down on my hair, then comb it through. I twist it into spirals and diffuse until it’s almost dry. I do cheat a bit and use a round brush on my crown. My hair tends to frizz out and to calm that just a few blow dried sections makes a difference. I separate it into several small sections and just wrap it around a medium sized round metal brush and dry it. After it cools, I finger comb the sections to “meld” the twisted bits with the blow dried bits on top and ta-da, I’m on my merry way.
Foxy Curls has a bit of silicone in it, but it washes out and for whatever reason does not weigh my hair down. I am still on the search for the perfect curl cream that is not loaded with silicones or petroleum. At any rate the Foxy Curls are working fine. I also love Moroccan Oil Curl Cream but that one just built up on my hair. I could go a week or more without using, then at the salon my stylist would blow dry my hair and tell me she could smell the Moroccan Oil. While it does smell amazing, I don’t want layers of it building up on my hair. So I will wait until next month when the Redken Nature’s Rescue collection hits salons. It’s product Janine used, that beach spray sounds amazing! Stay tuned….


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