Beautiful True Red- Essie Fishnet Stockings

My daughter Emilie and I are constantly searching out nail polish. We love the new collections and the myriad of “it” colours that come out each season. We love cool and interesting colours, and colours that compliment our skin tone. And then there is the search for The Perfect__________. You know what I mean. We always want The Perfect Mauve,  Greige, Pink, Teal- you name it. She told me ages ago that she wanted to try Essie Fishnet Stockings, that it was allegedly The Perfect Red. Apparently it is Dita Von Teese’s signature red and if anyone knows a classic feminine red nail, it’s Ms. Von Teese. Not too brown, not too blue, that it works with all skin tones and was a the perfect classic red and that “we” simply had to get it! She is a pretty smart girl and is usually right about these things. 
Lo and behold, months later, we are shopping at Canada’s favourite drugstore, Shoppers Drug Mart (one of my beauty Meccas, but that is another post…), and find a little stash of Essie nail polishes in the nail section. Not only that, but they were $6.99. And much to our surprise, there was one lone bottle of Fishnet Stockings! Of course we grabbed it and Emilie loves it. Seeing as how the 4 bottles of Red I already have, while lovely, haven’t been Perfect, I figure I need Fishnet Stockings. Happily, I stumbled upon another $6.99 bottle at yet another Shoppers.
From left: OPI Red My Fortune Cookie, OPI The Thrill of Brazil, Essie Fishnet Stockings, OPI  Manicurist of Seville,  OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry
I’m wearing it now on fingers and toes, and can attest to Emilie’s expert opinion. It is a clear clean red, application is flawless and looks pretty amazing with two coats, although I went for broke and applied three. Along with my Lippmann Hard Rock to protect it, of course. It IS The Perfect Red.

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