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beauty through balance is a Canadian spa beauty company offering eco-sustainable products that do not contain Sodium Laurel Sulphates or other synthetic detergents, Propylene Glycol, mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrances. They do not test on animals. The natural fragrance of the products I am reviewing immediately makes me feel like I am in a spa. I decided to test drive these products under conditions of severe duress- while travelling overseas on multiple flights and into a different time zone., then spending days in the sun and the surf. These conditions can wreak havoc with the dewiest complexions and I figured some natural TLC might be just what I needed to survive with glowing skin.

Let’s start with the Glacial Purifying Cleanser.  It is a gentle gel cleanser with seaweed, glacial clay, and green tea that helps balance oily skin but will not strip dry skin. My 14 year old daughter wanted to try it as well- we both have oily acne prone skin but mine tends to be dry around my eye area so our needs are different. Let me say right off the bat that these lovely products are not scent free. I adore lavender and botanical heavy scents but if these bother you I don’t think you will enjoy these products. The fresh invigorating scent of the gel cleanser is the strongest thing about it- it is very gentle, did not sting the eyes when removing eye makeup and left our skin feeling clean but not tight or dry. We applied it to damp skin and used a soft wet cloth to wipe it off. It did a great job of washing off make up and sunscreen and left no residue behind.

My favourite part of the cleansing ritual with beauty through balance is the Glacial Revitalizing Mist. My dear friend Vicki made me a devotee of Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir after she used it to survive her trip to Thailand. Now, I love to mist after cleansing, after moisturizing, after makeup and at various times during the day when I need a pick me up. Call me a misting fool but I just love the little pick me up I get from a little spritz of a softly scented hydrating mist. This is also something I cannot live without on a long drying flight. So I decided to try the Glacial Revitalizing Mist on the long flight in addition to after cleansing.  The active ingredients in the mist seem to be hyaluronic acid and organic Pacific seaweed. This amazing seaweed is harvested off the coast of British Columbia, Canada, and comes from the giant kelp plant (the fastest growing seaweed in the world!). It contains a rich array of vital nutrients from the sea. It is cold processed not dehydrated, so all of its amazing natural properties are maintained.  The predominant scent of this is very gentle- lavender and green tea, which immediately comforts and relaxes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. The hyaluronic acid helps to plump and moisturize the skin, the Vitamin C adds a gentle radiance, and the green tea soothes. My skin did not feel dry and tight while flying, as I misted every couple of hours. And after a day on the beach, a soft mist of the Glacial Revitalizing Mist was soothing and refreshing. I am addicted to this! A little spritz in the middle of the day helps to freshen up your look and adds a nice dewy glow. I use to set my make up as well. My daughter also loved it and with her young gorgeous skin could just mist after cleansing and go. I feel good about using products like this on my child- no nasty parabens or chemicals to mess with her system. If you find your skin feels tight or dry after cleansing, you must try this product. I will not be without a little bottle in my bag for wee spritzes throughout the day.

Next up is the Hydra Skin Renewal Gel. This product is a versatile and multifunctional treatment gel for both face and body. It has the consistency of aloe gel, sort of thick and gloppy and a bit sticky but it is meant to be used predominantly as a mask or treatment which is rinsed off. I also used it after getting a little too much sun on holidays and it was a godsend. It was on my neck where I had inadvertently missed applying sunscreen and after using this at night the next morning my sunburn was mostly gone.  Again seaweed, green tea and hyaluronic acid play center stage along with grape seed and fruit enzymes. This product is best used when you have some time to relax. I have used after showering while getting ready to go out as a mask. My skin glows and plumped and the scent makes me feel like I have been at the spa. I have applied it to my hands at night as an anti aging treatment, and love it. Makes fast work of dry cuticles and, well, we know how our hands can give away our age, right Madge? This product is luxurious and lovely addition to your pampering routine.

The Lavender Soy Lotion is a real winner for normal/combination skin. Again, as a lavender lover the scent is divine, and the lotion has a creamy whipped consistency that feels luxurious. I tend to need more anti-aging oomph in my daily moisturizer but for an everyday lotion this is great. The best candidate for this product is someone looking for a simple moisturizer. I have used it on top of a treatment serum and on my neck and décolletage and it is perfect for that. Very light, absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky residue behind, making it a great base for makeup.

All in all I find the beauty through balance lovely and intriguing and would like to try more of their products. The Glacial Revitalizing Mist and Hydra Skin Renewal Gel are fabulous and luxurious and deliver what they promise- they will be permanent additions to my routine.

Purchase beauty through balance online in Canada beauty through balance and Dermastore and in the US through My Spa Shop 

Disclaimer: reviewed from product samples provided by beauty through balance

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