Biotherm Lip Butter Makes Me Love My Lips!

Jane’s Lip Balm Obsession, Chapter 1 million, continues. And the latest I have tried is a new offering from Biotherm, Beurre de Lévres, aka Lip Butter. I love the Biotherm line, it is gentle, the products smell good, and they don’t make outrageous claims. I used a lip gloss they made a few years ago- it was a clear jelly with sunscreen and it smelled like oranges. I loved it and went through 2 tubes, but it may be discontinued as it is not showing up on any searches and I don’t recall the last time I saw it in store. Spending my summer days cruising in a convertible means I have gone the extra mile to protect my hair, skin and of course, lips. The skin is quite thin on our lips and they take a beating from the environment.
It has a creamy consistency but melts right into the lips upon application
This new Lip Butter claims to smooth and plump the lips, and it does indeed do this. Its not the electric tingly plumping, but it definitely makes the lips fuller and, dare I say, juicy. The active ingredients are the five oils used to nourish the lips are apricot, coriander, jojoba, passionflower and macadamia. There is a gentle scent of peach with a bit of lemon and rose but it is barely discernible and there is no taste to speak of. It is recommended for women or men due to wonderful fact it leaves virtually a matte finish, and it literally just melts into your lips leaving them soft and smooth. I love this! Sometimes I want a moisturized full looking lip without the gloss. It also doesn’t catch my hair as a breeze blows by as opposed to gloss which grabs on to every hair that strays by, which is fantastic. This new Biotherm Lip Butter is beautiful and has a place of honour in my bag. Which doesn’t mean it isn’t on the bottom of the bag, requiring much digging and cursing to get at, but that is a whole other issue. Verdict- love it!
I got my Biotherm Beurre de Lévres at Shoppers Drug Mart for $22.

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