Is That Honey In Your Skincare? How Sweet!

I love honey! I love honey in my body products, as in that gorgeous French line, Nuxe, and I love the moisturizing benefits they offer our skin. There is also a delicate smell that is calming and soothing. I also love The Body Shop Body Butters – they are such a lovely and rich way to moisturize our skin. My daughters have used them for years so there are always a few around the house at any given time. I always found them a little too strong scented and fruity for my tastes, as they interfered with my perfumes. But I must say the new line from The Body Shop, Honeymania, has me buzzing with happiness!

Here is The Body Shop story behind the line:

The Honey – Our honey is called Sheka honey. The African honey bees collect pollen all 
year round from beautiful pink, purple and white flowers in the Ethiopian Afromontane 
rainforest of the UNESCO Sheka Forest Biosphere Reserve. The flower that provides the 
main nectar for our honey is from the Schefflera abyssinica tree, a highly fragrant creamy 
yellow flower. Our Sheka honey has a very distinctive floral taste and smell because of the flower from which the bees collect the honey. It’s floral, fruity and sweet aroma makes it distinct from any other honey. The Body Shop ‘nose’ characterizes the smell as ‘green, floral, rosehip and hay’.

Why is it good for you? Honey is known to have antibacterial properties and softens, 
smoothes and moisturizesthe skin. The honey used in our products is sold by high-end 
brands as table honey – our honey is good enough to eat! Beekeepers in the Sheka 
rainforest traditionally use the honey to help sooth conditions such as chest infections and 
asthma. Ensuring exceptional quality – The beekeepers are highly skilled, allowing them to work in harmony with the African bees. These skills are passed down from father to son, enabling the beekeepers to carry on a tradition that has been done for generations. Beekeeping inEthiopia is a culture. Our honey is helping to strengthen the beekeeping culture and to preserve the Sheka rainforest.

I have three favourite products from this yummy line.

The Body Shop Honeymania Body Butter

The Body Butter – It has the same rich softening properties of all of their Body Butters, but smells soft and unobtrusive with it’s pretty soft honey scent. Perfect for knees and elbows, and anywhere that needs a little extra moisture.

The Body Shop HOneymania Bath Melt

The Bath Melt – Ok, I can’t say enough about how much I love this product! I’ve never had a bath gel like this, and calling it a mere bath gel isn’t doing it justice. It’s a gorgeous luxurious bath experience! I’m a big bath lover – nothing soaks away the troubles of the day and makes me feel relaxed and wonderful like a hot bubble bath. I scoop out some of the Honeymania Bath Melt with my hand and drizzle it under the running water and my bath fills up with skin softening sweetly scented bubbles! I love the way this makes my skin feel.


The Lip Balm – The scent in the product is soft and there is just a slightly sweet taste that goes perfectly with the melty goodness of this moisturizing lip balm. I know this will be in my purse all winter long. I’m in love.

Enjoy this video of bumble bees in the lavender in my backyard. Aren’t they fat and cute? Love them!

Truth be told, the entire line is lovely. The Honeymania Body Scrub is next on the list, I think….

The Body Shop Honeymania line is available at Body Shop stores, and ranges from around $4 to $20 for the line.

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