By Kilian Sweet Redemption – The End

I adore perfumes with orange blossom. There is a simplicity and innocence to that scent that evokes soap, babies and even sweet desserts. You can be transported to a romantic garden with intoxicating blossoms surrounding you. But therein lies the issue with this flower. We don’t always want to smell like sweet gentle babies in the garden. Leave it to By Kilian to amp up the sensuous quality of orange blossom while keeping the true to gorgeous nature of the flower.  Love & Tears, Surrender, has been a favorite of mine since first sniff, so I couldn’t wait for this latest release.



Sweet Redemption, The End, is the last of the L’Oeuvre Noire collection. The notes from the By Kilian website include bitter orange leaf, vanilla, orange blossom and myrrh, oppononax and incense. Where the average orange blossom scent sits prim, pretty & freshly scrubbed, Sweet Redemption melts into the skin. The vanilla wraps around the resins and warm on the skin beautifully as the scent dries down. These sweet mysterious notes add a sexy factor to orange blossom that is unexpected and seductive, making you want to lean in closer. As I wear it I’m sniffing my wrist & thinking how perfect this will be in cooler weather. Sweet Redemption may be The End of the series, but it will likely be the beginning of many other wonderful things…

…is that the end up ahead?


The By Killian Collection is available at Holt Renfrew in Canada.

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