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The notoriously yummy and sweet line of beauty products, Cake Beauty, has a very special line up based on one of my favourite candies. Of course, we think of Valentine’s Day when we think of Sweetheart candies but I’ve always loved them all year long. So obviously I just had to try the new Cake Beauty Sweethearts line! I decided on the Sweethearts Luscious Lip Butter/Balm and the Sweethearts Luscious Hair & Body Mist.

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The Sweethearts Lip Balm is soft and silky, and applies like a dream. It’s goes on clear, and feels deliciously rich. It leaves a soft shine on the lips and the sweet vanilla candy scent is soft and subtle. Your lips are dewy and kissable! I’m not sure if there is officially a flavour to this, as it is subtle, but my lips do taste a little sweet. I like it! I keep my Sweethearts Luscious Lip Butter in my purse for a sweet moisturizing treat anytime.

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The Sweethearts Luscious Hair & Body Mist is perfect for freshening up your hair. I love it when companies make perfumed hair products. I have long hair and I love it when it smells yummy. After cooking or being in an environment where a less than desirable scent might cling to my hair the easiest way to freshen up is with a scented mist! I just light mist my hair, then flip it upside and mist it again. I “comb” it through with my fingers and ta-da! My daughter was actually standing behind me the other day after I’d used it and she leaned in because my hair smelled “so yummy”. Works for me! It can be used on the body too but so far I have only been using it on my hair and I love it!

How perfect is Cake Beauty’s Sweethearts line for Valentine’s Day? Or anytime you want to give a little love!

Cake Beauty is available at Sephora and you can check here for more locations. The Sweethearts Luscious Body/Hair Mist sells for $18 CAD, and the Sweethearts Luscious Lip Butter/Balm is $14 CAD.

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