CHANEL Gabrielle, A Radiant, Sparkling CHANEL Perfume


Can you believe it has been fifteen years since CHANEL released a new perfume as part of their classic collection? The last one was CHANEL Chance, released in 2002. All the perfumes that have landed on CHANEL counters since then have been flankers of their existing perfumes, beautiful on their own but not “new”. So the world was waiting with open arms for the latest release.



After the stunning beauty of CHANEL No5 L’EAU, one of my favourite modern CHANEL perfumes, I was very curious about Gabrielle. I love the sheer gorgeous vibe of L’EAU and had a feeling that they would continue with that style. And they did!

Olivier Polge crafted this Eau de Parfum as an imaginary flower — a radiant and sparkling, purely feminine Chanel blossom based on a bouquet of four white flowers: a rich, enveloping heart of exotic Jasmine shimmers with the fruity green notes of Ylang-Ylang, while fresh and sparkling Orange Blossom shines through, offering a glimpse of Grasse Tuberose captured at its finest. Four points of light that recall the four corners of the bottle.”


CHANEL Gabrielle eau de parfum is a sparkling and pretty jasmine scent and I could’t be happier. I love white floral perfumes – be they rich and decadent, or soft and ethereal. Gabrielle falls into the latter category and is the perfect jasmine perfume for someone who doesn’t like strong perfumes. Gabrielle stays very close to the skin and would only be noticeable to those who get close. It it a gorgeous and elegant composition, as only a CHANEL perfume could be. It is gently sweet, and feels fresh and clean while also smelling feminine and pretty at the same time. 

There’s been a lot of fuss online and even in store about the soft and understated nature of Gabrielle. Yes, it’s VERY soft. If you want something with OOMPH and a big presence, this is likely not your jasmine. But I love a good soft and soapy jasmine and Gabrielle fits the bill. Never overwhelming, never headache inducing, I’ve even worn it to bed. Simply lovely – and sometimes that’s just perfect. 

Olivier Polge (creator of CHANEL Boy and Misia ) is a brilliant perfumer and wove together strands of golden honeyed jasmine, kissed with the greenness of ylang ylang, shimmering orange blossom and just a glimpse of tuberose. A beautiful and delicate floral addition to the CHANEL line up and I highly recommend it to all lovers of white florals!



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