Chanel Quartz is Beautiful & Elegant

How swoony are these colours?
Chanel’s Fall 2011 nail polish shades are simply to die for. Neutral but with a metallic sparkle and iridescent edge that makes them irresistible. As usual. I dithered over the three and ended up with Quartz, thinking it would get the most wear. It is a an elegant neutral taupe frost that reminds me of an Annabelle frosty polish I wore in the 80s. LOVE. As gorgeous as Peridot is, I know myself well enough to say I just would never wear it. More like just admire it in the bottle. I am kind of dreaming about Graphite though….may have to revisit the counter. 
Those aren’t chips on the tips- my nails peeled in 2 spots & are uneven

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