Ciaté London by Olivia Palermo: Luscious Napa Valley & Elegant New England Fall

Ahhhh how it take so long for me to cave in and try Ciaté? Once they put their fancy bottles in fancy boxes and make them look like perfumes I simply could not resist. The Ciaté London Olivia Palermo Collection is what tipped me over the edge. I saw them at Sephora and they simply had to come home with me. The boxes have a faux shagreen finish reminiscent of perfume boxes in the fifties – pure luxury! When you love pretty cosmetics as much as I do, you can appreciate the reverence shown to a fine product. I mean, it’s not like I have to justify the purchase *cough* VIB Rouge *cough*…

Olivia Palermo Ciate London Napa Valley dalybeauty
The presentation is perfect! Like perfume or jewellery!

How did it take me so long to discover Ciaté polishes? The formulas are beautiful, with a self levelling quality I adore, and almost complete coverage in one coat. I use two for better wearability and fully opaque coverage, but the wide brush covers each of my nails perfectly in one swipe. It lasts long, and work well with all of my top coats.

Olivia Palermo Ciate London Napa Valley dalybeauty

Napa Valley is officially my new favourite burgundy. Look how rich it is! It is a little darker in person, slightly less red/pink and more burgundy/wine. Love.

Olivia Palermo Ciate London New England Fall dalybeauty

Guys. Can we talk about this dusky inky blue shade? Oh my, be still my heart. I’m obsessed with this colour and have been using it for every other manicure lately. Love.

So at $29 CAD they are not cheap, but if you’re like me, it’s worth it.  I get my Ciaté London at Sephora.



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