Clean & Fresh Skin With Weleda

One Step Cleanser & Toner and Refining Toner
I’m on a bit of a Weleda kick these days. I love the purity of the products, and the comforting gentle scents. Lately I’ve been enjoying their One Step Cleanser & Toner and their Refining Toner. They manage to treat my “winter ravaged skin that also went south on holiday” gently while exfoliating yucky dulling dry skin. 
The One Step Cleanser is a really neat product. It has a thin milky consistency that lends itself best to use with a cotton pad. I love it as a refreshing cleanser in the morning. It wakes up my skin, removes excess oil gently and adds a glow. It has a zesty scent that invigorates without being overwhelming. I especially loved it while on holiday after a day walking around in the heat, and it is amazing after a work out. I find the scent a bit strong to use on my eyes, but it does remove eye make up as well if you can tolerate it. My eyes are especially sensitive so your mileage may vary. It is a toner as well but more of a moisturizing toner. My skin feels soft and dewy after cleansing without a hint of tightness at all. SO I would say this would work for different skin types well. It removes the bad but keeps the good. I adore the cobalt blue glass container- it has an old fashioned high quality feel about it, in addition to looking pretty. And the product inside is kept nice and stable. A little of the One Step Cleanser goes a long way so this will last me ages!
The Refining Toner is just fab. I use plain old rosewater obsessively but like to use a toner that will improve the texture and consistency of my skin ie remove dead skin, refine pores and brighten the tone. This toner is full of good stuff like rose and lemon to clarify and tone and I love it. I use it with a cotton pad in the evening after taking off my make up. I find it especially wonderful during times of the month when my skin is a bit oilier and needs a little extra help to stay clear. It definitely adds a glow. 
Weleda is available on their website and most drugstore and health food stores.

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