Clean Your Face with Jeune d’Åge Organics

Blue green algae…. 
Jojoba seeds…
Jeune d’Age Première Cleanser is quickly becoming a favourite of mine. It is a non foaming cream cleanser with a gentle exfoliating action. It contains gentle ingredients like jojoba oil for moisturizing and Rooibus Tea for it’s antioxidants and healing properties. With my oily skin I don’t tend to be a fan of cream based cleansers. They are terrific at removing make up and dirt, but I find they usually leave an oily residue behind. Not the Jeune d’Age Première Cleanser- I could tell the first time I used it that this was different from most cleansers I’d used. Did you know that jojoba oil is very close to human sebum, which makes it a lovely oil to use on the skin. The cleanser spreads smoothly on the skin and has almost no scent at all.  It was the rinsing off that impressed me though. It rinsed away so clean, leaving nothing but fresh clean skin. My skin felt clean and fresh, without feeling dry or tight. 

The Marin Toner is the next step and is a lovely luxurious step in my routine. It has all kinds of stuff to treat your skin beautifully. Tea tree oil, aloe vera, sea kelp, blue green algae, willowbark and more give your skin an arsenal of beautifying ingredients. They hyaluronan plumps the skin as well, and I am all for this. Mine is in a jar with cotton exfoliating pads but it comes as a mister as well, which I also think would be lovely. I really enjoy a luxe skin mist and the Marin Toner would just be amazing misted on. There is a noticeable difference in the appearance and texture of my skin since using these two products. Sometimes I swipe some toner on my face as soon as I roll out of bed, just because it gives my face such a lovely moist glow. If I can get that before my morning coffee, I’m a happy camper!

Jeune d’Age Première Cleanser and Marin Toner are available on the Jeune d’Age website.

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