Clean Your Scalp & Your Golden Highlights with LUSH

Warmer temperatures meant two things for hair- scalps get oilier, hair gets sweaty, and if you have highlights, they are going to get brassy in the sun. Luckily one stop at LUSH gets you two shampoos that can take care of both of these concerns beautifully. 

LUSH I Love Juicy shampoo is the perfect solution for oily hair. And by oily hair I mean oily roots, because that is where the issue lies. And this delicious shampoo is one of the best I’ve used. I originally gave it to my teenage daughter, who also loves it, but now I use it as well. Fresh pineapple, papaya, kiwi and mango juices add a delicious, refreshing scent and make your hair feel squeaky clean. Some sea salt adds beachy volume and they’ve added some seaweed gel for extra softness. Result? Shiny clean bouncy hair. It rinses out easily and leaves my hair feeling clean and smooth, not a dry, frizzy tangly mess, so this tells me it is gentle to my hair while being tough on my scalp. The fruity scent is totally unisex so get this for your guy as well. I love it.  
My other concern is the brassy yellow tone that can happen to highlighted or coloured hair that is exposed to sun, pool or seawater, or even just the hard water and chlorine that comes out of our showers. A violet shampoo treatment is perfect for blonde, grey and frankly any hair colour that you’d like to keep rich and true. I have used many many many violet toned shampoos to keep the brassies at bay but they either don’t work at all (Aveda) or work a bit too well with my blonder highlights ending up slighly, well, purple (Shimmer Lights). Another issue with some of them like Shimmer Lights is that they smell strong and actually make my hair as dry as straw at the ends, requiring tons of conditioner and detangling spray. I am so glad I found LUSH Daddyo! Fresh citrus juices and seaweed gives your hair softness and shine, while the violet leaf, rose and bergamot oils create a scent that stays on your hair throughout the day. The violet scent stands out to me, but its not a sweet powdery violet- it is more like a wild violet in the forest with a whiff of salty sea air scent. This one also leaves my hair soft and easy to manage. Amazing.
Both of these shampoos are available at LUSH stores and online and cost between $9-$30, depending on size.

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