Clinique Lash Power Gives My Lashes Superpowers

If you follow me on Twitter or ask me what my latest fave mascara is, you would know I cannot stop singing the praises of Clinique Lash Power. I’ve been mourning the discontinuation of Kiehl’s Mineral Mascara, which I loved. My mascara needs are pretty simple, yet even with the hundreds of otpions out there, it hasn’t been easy to find the perfect mascara. It must be waterproof or pretty darn close, as my oily skin melts just about everything into lovely racoon eyes within an hour. It can’t irritate my eyes, as lately everything seems to bother my eyes. I like to rub them without having to worry about smudging as well.  And, being able to remove it with my regular cleanser as opposed to the oily mess waterproof mascara cleansers leave behind.
So, dear readers, your intrepid beauty blogger, ever ready to sacrifice time and money in the name of Better Make Up, went on a mission. I read everything I could find, I Googled, I got blisters traipsing from beauty counter to beauty counter researching The Best Mascara. And, I do believe I have found it, in a wee little humble and unassuming tube from Clinique. It’s quite small and could go unnoticed by the untrained eye, but I found it! It is a tubing mascara, but not like Blinc or Kiss Me, which I find get tight and dry and literally have to be pulled off to be removed. Ouch. It makes for long glossy lashes that never clump, that last all day, and gently rub off with warm water. It is so gentle and non-irritating that I forget I am wearing mascara when it’s on. At $15 a tube, it’s only marginally more spendy than a drugstore mascara yet performs like a fancy department store one. I got mine at Neimans but it’s available wherever Clinique is sold.
One coat of Clinique Lash Power on top lashes…and a bare face
So. There you have it. Clinique Lash Power, Super Mascara. Verdict? True love. I will actually cry if they discontinue this baby.

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