Deborah Lippmann’s Fashion is a Beauty

I love neutral nails. They are my go-to daily mani as they wear well, don’t show wear on the tips or chips. IF they chip. And if I am using Lippmann nail polish along with her Hard Rock Top/Base Coat I can go quite awhile before any wear appears. Why I stray is a mystery to me…
Digression: I recently fell hard for Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat. It IS amazing- use it on still wet nails and within a minute or two your nails are hard as glass. You do pay a bit of a price- there are many complaints of shrinkage (not George Castanza style shrinkage….) meaning the polish pulls in from the cuticles and edges of nails as it dries. Not a big deal I suppose, but don’t put Seche Vite on dry nails, it will shrink it so much the colour will pop off your nail in one piece like a press on nail. Found this out as I was getting my suitcases into the car to go on holiday. So much for my holiday mani, I left it in pieces as a trail in the airport parking lot. But there is a more serious issue with SV. Because it sinks right into the polish while it dries it, and that means every layer of polish, it gets to your nail as well. It took me a while to realize that my horrible peeling nails were a result of the SV usage. Consider yourself warned before you look at my photos. Poor nails, please forgive me.
Almost immediately after stopping and going back to my beloved Lippmann Hard Rock Base & Top coat my nails are healing and feel stronger. Lippmann’s polish is full of good stuff which I have already posted about HERE and I have learned my lesson. Lippmann gives me hard strong nails and I am NOT LOOKING BACK.
So back to my post about Fashion. I really want Naked but it has sold out everywhere so I am on a waiting list for it. A gorgeous nude-y neutral, Naked sounds just perfect. But, thanks to the wisdom of the gorgeous Lippmann expert at my Holt Renfrew, she told me one coat of Fashion is close to Naked. Two coats of Fashion is a beige tone, slightly deeper than a nude (only a true Nail Polish Lover sees this I imagine…) but one coat is somehow a different colour and I love it! I need to expand my Lippmann colours and slowly but surely I am but I am quite happy to have Fashion in my collection. I would say 2 or 3 coats would be a perfect Fall neutral but one coat is just perfect for Spring and Summer. I love the whole mannequin hands look and this is a perfect addition to my neutral collection. Love it. Add to that my Hard Rock as the base and top coat and my strong healthy nails are on their way back.
1 coat of DL Fashion in natural light

1 coat of Fashion in bright sunlight

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