Despite The Name, This Cream is Udderly Wonderful

Udderly Smooth Cream has been on the shelves for years. I never ever tried it because I find the name so off-putting. Yes, I have Bag Balm and love it for cuts & scraps and deep moisturizing of hands & feet in the dead of winter. But it at least has a cute and charming kitschy tin and some old fashioned farm-y appeal. Not the case with Udderly Smooth. I judged it for trying to cash in on the cow-moisturizer-for-humans trend, and found it’s spotted cow hide styled packaging derivative. Silly me.

I’m not sure what made me try the original Udderly Smooth Cream when I was shopping last week, but I did. Maybe it was the under $3 price for a big 4oz tube. Maybe it was that I’d heard it had a lovely scent (which I didn’t believe but anyways…). So- it actually does smell really nice- very soft, kind of old fashioned, like a gentle skin scent. I say old fashioned because it reminds me of something but I can’t put my finger on it. The scent disappears within minutes which is too bad really, because I really like it. The cream itself soaks right into the skin beautifully, leaving zero residue behind, so if you really dislike a greasy feel on your hands, you will love this. It has a thick creamy texture but really melts away, leaving nothing behind. I now want the big container to use head to toe.

Verdict? I still kind of hate the name, but I adore the cream. Shopping info for the US here, and Canada here.

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