Do You Remember Rose Milk Lotion? I Still Love It.

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One of my favourite scent memories is Rose Milk body lotion. I used it as a teenager and just loved it. Turns out it is still being made and sold! I think a few drugstores in the US carry it, although I got mine from for under $10. It is nothing spectacular as far as ingredients go, and if you are mineral oil wary, then it is likely not for you. I don’t mind a little mineral oil in my body lotion as it does a great job of keeping dry skin at bay. Rose Milk lotion has a soft sweet and slightly fruity rose scent and it does take me right back to the days of watching Charlie’s Angels and using Tickle deodorant. The packaging has changed, and it’s now in a simple bottle with a twist off cap and label – looks pretty low budget to be honest. I miss the old pump bottle, but the lotion is the same. I like to use it at bedtime – the soft rose scent just lulls you to sleep. Or, after a day in the sun, the lotion is rich enough to soothe the skin but is also quite gentle.

Did you ever use Rose Milk? What are some of your favourite scented beauty product memories?

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  1. Henry

    My grandmother who was born around 1900 used rose milk lotion. I was able to purchase a bottle from a drugstore few years ago. With one sniff, it instantly took me back to my 1970’s childhood. Grandmama would bring us “Co-colas” (Cokes) in the glass bottles with Nilla wafers and saltine crackers to munch on while we watched Hee-Haw or Lawrence Welk on the massive console TV. Good, simple times.

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