Essie Sand Tropez…In Which I Find Yet Another Perfect Nude

Oh how I love the nude nail polish. Makes hands look clean and neat, and also manages to elongate fingers and add a little bit of elegance to everything you do. My two faves to date are Deborah Lippmann Naked (probably the best nude nail polish in the world) and Fashion- they are what I would call warm nudes, each being perfect for medium and light skin tones. I have another Essie nude, Jazz, that, while not quite as warm as the Lippmanns, is warm as it has a slight pinkish tone.
In natural light. Pardon dry cuticles.


Sand Tropez is a true beige with a creamy (and I mean delicioulsy creamy) grey undertone. Loves it! I keep looking at my hands and wondering why it took me so long to get this. Nude nail polishes are like red nailpolishes. And shoes. And perfumes. You can never have too many….
This is me on the sand in St Tropez. Well, actually Brigitte Bardot.
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