Even Skintone, Thanks To Vichy proEVEN Dark Spot Corrector

I can’t think of any woman who isn’t concerned about the aging effect sun spots and assorted dark spots/scars have on our skin. There are a bajillion whitening brightening products out there, most of them containing Vitamin C, which has the seemingly magical ability to even out blotchy and spotted skin tone. Well the latest product from Vichy, proEVEN, delivers results and more. It is chock full of wonderful science that includes vitamin C and E to target excess melanin and dark spots. Innovation and 11 (yes, 11!) patents later, it’s no surprise.

The texture of this cream is wonderful. It is not too thick, not too thin, and spreads beautifully on the skin. And, miraculously, this is not thanks to silicones, which are way too often added for slip and texture, but that give a false sense of smoothness. Some silicones will also irritate certain sensitive skin types and can even cause acne. Not an issue with proEVEN. After around a week of using it every night, I definitely saw a difference in my complexion. I’d had a bad bout of hormonal acne over the holidays and was feeling rather spotty and adolescent. After two weeks of use the little spots left behind by acne were almost invisible. It usually takes a long time for those marks to heal, so long that even when there is nothing but a mark left, I still have to use a spot of concealer on it.  Not now. There was no discomfort or irritation as a result of using this cream and would say it actually feels wonderful and soothing. If spots, sun spots and discoloration are an issue for you, then you must try proEVEN.

Spots might be cute on her, but not on us.

Vichy proEVEN is available at drugstores and online for Amercian consumers.

UPDATE DEC 2012: Vichy ProEven Dark Spot Corrector has become a must-have product in my skincare arsenal. I notice a definite & noticeable difference in how even toned my skin is and can’t imagine being without it. It is in my Daly Beauty Top Ten list this year. I’ve had many readers tell me they love Vichy ProEven as well, some even telling me they hardly use their concealer for acne spots anymore!


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  1. The Brookie Monster

    Hi Jane,

    Just wondered if you were still using this product? My complexion has been looking a bit uneven, and I want to up my skincare game a bit.

  2. Jane Daly

    Hi Brooke , I absolutely still use this! I actually use ProEven Night as my preferred treatment for uneven skin tone. It’s more concentrated and is a miracle worker! Will always be in my skincare arsenal xo

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