Exuberance Beauty Believe Tangerine & Sugar Maple Toner- Beautiful

First, a little bit about Exuberance Beauty. Exuberance is an luxury organic skincare company based here in Ottawa and headed up by the most exuberant Jodi Fedor. Jodi is committed to providing top quality ingredients in the most luxurious formulas to treat our skin. Exuberance offers cutting edge, results driven and scientifically sound formulations created with the highest quality certified organic ingredients. This is no granola organic skincare from the health food store. This is obvious the moment you touch and smell these products – they feel rich and smell divine, and that alone takes your skincare to a whole other level. Exuberance Beauty has an amazing website that tells the story of the company and it’s founder. Trust me, Jodi really IS as lovely as she sounds.
I am a big fan of misting toners. I like to mist after cleansing, sometimes after moisturizing and after applying make up. I will mist halfway through the day to refresh my skin and when I fly it’s a must. I started with Caudalie and have not looked back. For a toner to work for me, it must DO something. I like to feel it on my skin, soothing and comforting. My skin is oily and sometimes acne prone, but I hate to dry it out with acne products. Natural products have proven most effective so I feel that “calming” my skin is the best way to control it. The “Believe” tonic has me sold on all levels. First of all let me tell you about the scent. It’s a lovely orange-y citrus scent, so gentle and soft, and I detect delicate floral notes as well. 
So that’s the beginning of the feel-good effect. If I like the way a product smells, we are halfway home. After cleansing my face, it sits on the skin for a few moments then soaks right in, leaving my skin feeling dewy and soft, not dry or tight. I feel a gentle tingle and notice a nice rosy glow as well which tells me the Vitamin C in Believe is doing its stuff- fighting those antioxidants and renewing myskin. 

The aloe vera in Believe is so soothing and gentle, it really feels like I am doing something nice for my skin, and for myself. Aloe is a mega moisturizer without being oily, and is also proven to heal skin. Perfect. Believe also contains Willow Bark, which is the original source of salicylic acid. Studies show it’s effective against acne and acts to detoxify and soothe irritated, inflamed skin. Which is just what I need. 

I then moisturize and, if I’m going to bed, I will add another spritz. If I’m starting my day, I will apply my make up and give a gentle spritz when I’m done. I feel like it sets my make up and eliminates any powdery residue that may look too make-up-y.

I have noticed a difference in my skin in the 7 days that I have been using Believe. My skin is less shiny and my pores are less congested. I definitely notice a glow and a slight plumping and smoothing effect on my fine lines. Exuberance Beauty Believe is a beautiful product. I am officially addicted. There is also a rose based Exuberance toner geared towards drier skin and fine lines….thinking I might need that one too! Stay tuned for reviews of more products in the Exuberance Beauty line.
Exuberance Beauty skincare can be purchased on their website, and select locations of The Bay. There is a comprehensive list of retailers here as well. You can find Exuberance on Facebook and follow them on Twitter as well.
Dislcosure: products reviewed from samples provided by Exuberance Beauty

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