Fragrance for Men That Hate Cologne

I suppose I could just compile a list of colognes that you could simply go get for the dad in your life, but that would be boring and likely leave that dad with something he won’t use. Especially if he isn’t a cologne wearing kind of dad. There are ways to encourage dad to step it up from Irish Spring soap (which is actually pretty nice…) and give dad some different options for smelling good. I don’t think anyone wants their father any father anyone to smell like a Jersey Shore club, so no Axe, ok? Let’s keep it simple, and make it easy for dad.


Bulgari Pour Homme Shampoo and Shower Gel: This is a favourite of mine. It smells amazing- clean, fresh and manly, but it is also quite subtle. Firstly, it is a shower gel and a shampoo, so it’s one stop shopping for the low maintenance dad. For those dads with beards (ahem, like my dad), they need to use this as, well, beard shampoo. The scent lingers gently in hair and on the body, and is perfect for the cologne-shy dad. I’ve suggested Bvlgari Pour Homme, but really, get thee to the men’s cologne counter, do some sniffing, and pick a shower gel/shampoo that smells like something the dad in your life might like. The Bvlgari is just always elegant and perfect. There is a new one called Bvlgari Man that is also quite good, has the shampoo/shower gel combo and is worth a sniff.



Ralph Lauren Polo Black Deodorant: Cologne delivery via deodorant is an excellent way for a man to wear his scent in a very subtle and understated manner. The new Polo Black is a fantastic twist on the classic Polo Green- toned down and grown up. The scent of perfumed deodorants is the same as the bottles of cologne they go with, and costs so little you can get him one for home, the gym bag and the cottage. Or, choose one for evening, one for work, and one for play. Tip: this is also a great way to prevent over-application of cologne.



Acqua di Parma Colonia Collezione Barbiere Shaving Line: Ok, I’m biased. This is probably the best smelling stuff for men in the world. So good, in fact, that I also wear it. But, back to dad. This shaving line is so gorgeous that you can be assured you are getting the best of the best for the dad in your life. The classic cologne scent with citrus, lavender, amber and other Very Good Smelling Stuff. The shaving cream or shaving gel elevates the shaving experience and makes everyone happy. High expectations, I know, but Colonia is special.

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver After Shave Balm: This is a gorgeous and elegant fragrance, not loud, and about as far from tacky and garish as it gets. An after shave balm is a lovely and luxurious way for a man to wear fragrance, as well as perhaps a gentle way to usher him into Skincare (more on that in another post).


These are also endorsements of the actual colognes for these products, as I personally like them and think they smell wonderful. Feel free use them as a guide and choose the body products for the cologne of your choice. You could create a basket of cologne scented products to keep the dad in your life smelling and feeling fresh and clean. Everyone wins.

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