Kissable Lips With Polysporin Lip Health™ Duo

My name is Jane and I am a lip balm addict. No, not addicted because I can’t live without it (pretty sure that is a beauty myth I should dispel in the future), I’m addicted because I love so many different ones and WANT ALL THE LIP BALMS.  My new lip balm obsesh is kind of neat as it is a two- part treatment. A rich heavier treatment for overnight, and a lighter hydrating treatment for day. I’ve been using the nighttime treatment for over a month now, and can safely say I LOVE it. I wake up with soft hydrated lips, and the Day treatment makes sure they stay that way. I really notice a difference with regards to no more peeling lips. I spent all summer driving around in a convertible, and even with sunscreen, my poor lips got awfully dry. After using both of these lovely treatments, my lips feel soft and full – positively pouty!

Polysporing Lip Health™ Duo day treatment on bare lips
Polysporing Lip Health™ Duo day treatment on bare lips

I tells ya, Polysporin Lip Heath™ Duo  is going to be a must-have for our long cold Canadian winters. I also love the cute packaging!

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Polysporin Lip Health Duo

Polysporin Lip Health™ Duo is available at drugstores for around $7 each.

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