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Father’s Day is coming, and what better way to treat Dear Old Dad than with some primo grooming? Vintage is a buzzword used in everything today, including fashion, beauty, and even home decor. The vintage beauty and skincare trend has never been bigger than it is right now in men’s grooming. And that is a good thing.

elvis barber comb hair slick

When I think of “well groomed men”, I always think vintage. Cary Grant, Sean Connery, Marlon Brando, and even James Dean with that famous slicked back ‘do. I imagine their baby soft faces, after being pampered with a soothing wet shave, and the care put into making their hair look Just So. That’s not to say a beard isn’t also just as elegant. The resurgence of The Beard into fashion has been welcomed by many women with open arms. But let’s be clear – the beard must be groomed! A beard is made up of hair, and deserves care and handling as much as the hair on one’s head.

House Of Baron's Ottawa Barbershop

The return of the Man’s Man Barbershop (my term) is one I particularly love. I know how much I love my salon, as a place to escape, chill out, and relax in surroundings I love. The sounds, the smells and sensations all contribute to a feeling of calm and well-being that lasts for days. Who doesn’t wish that for the menz in their lives? Whether they are your dad, the dad of your kids, your dogs/cats/hamsters/whatever. Being a dad-type of guy means many things to different people. I say treat the men you love. Period.

House of Baron's Ottawa

House of Baron's Ottawa

Ottawa has this amazing space for Men’s Men – House Of Baron’s on Sussex in the Byward Market.  If you are looking for somewhere to get your man a wet-shave, a hair cut, or some stylish facial hair grooming, Baron’s is the place to go. From the vintage leather and chrome barber chairs, to the raw cut huge wooden bar-like stations, to the vintage Playboy mags and great music, this is a place for dudes. Or, if you look at the delicious line of men’s grooming products they carry from Crown Shaving Co, this is a place for “Vagabonds, Ruffians and Gentlemen”.


Crown Shaving Co Shaving Cream and Tonic
Crown Shaving Co Shaving Cream & After Shave Tonic
Crown Shaving Co Shaving Cream
Crown Shaving Co Shaving Cream

Crown Shaving Co has some exceptional products that every man should own. Because clean, soft skin and beards are sexy as hell. Read about the brand’s commitment to excellence here. The Shave Cream is “a rich, silky cream using only the finest ingredients available. The scent of eucalyptus and spearmint is sure to awaken your senses.”. It feels lovely and smells amazing. The After Shave Tonic is so delicious, words can’t explain it. I splashed some on my hands to get an idea of the feel and scent, and could not stop smelling my hands. Everywhere I went afterwards, people were asking me what smelled so good. Crown Shaving Co describes their Tonic as having “notes of Tobacco, leather, bay rum & barbers talc- A true barbershop scent.”. I describe as smelling like a clean, sexy man. Damn. Obviously I walked out of the shop with a bottle of this addictive and delicious smelling elixir.

Crown Shaving Co Beard Balm
Crown Shaving Co Beard Balm

And for the facial hair blessed man in your life, doesn’t they deserve some love too? Crown Shaving Co has a deliciously scented Beard Balm that “when rubbed into the beard area will help soften, ad slight sheen and freshen up facial hair”. Ladies with thick coarse hair, you could totally steal a couple drops of this and put it on your own hair, to remind you of the smell of your man. Yes.

Dapper Gold Tusk Beard Oil
Dapper Gold Tusk Beard Oil

And then there is Dapper Gold Tusk Beard Oil. As a lover of oil for my own hair, of course I love the idea of conditioning the hair on your loved one’s face. Gold Tusk Beard Oil is a premium beard oil, formulated with all-natural ingredients to quench and protect the beards of dapper men. I love this description from the Dapper Gold Tusk website:

“A couple drops of Gold Tusk nourishes your facial hair and makes it look captivating, feel soft, and smell handsome. Gold Tusk moisturizes the skin underneath to help prevent embarrassing beard dandruff from forming. It is naturally antibacterial, repairs broken hair, stimulates growth, adds a subtle sheen, and helps control fly-aways, so you can feel confident and take the day on like a man.”

marlon brando shaving

Does your man love his grooming on the manly side? If so, you should treat him like the man he is with the Gift of Manly Grooming.

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