Givenchy’s Beautiful Harvest: 2010 Organza Neroli

This year, as in the past few years, Givenchy has chosen the best fragrant harvests to use as special editions of their perfumes, as the Givenchy Harvest, or, Les Récolte Givenchy. These are special & limited edition perfumes which are good news for fans of Givenchy scents. My experience with these perfumes has been that they enhance the original in such a lovely way, that a lover of a certain Givenchy perfume will also love the Harvest edition. As well, the Harvest editions may indeed garner new fans as was my experience with the lovely 2010 Organza Neroli, this year’s Harvest Edition. They come in gorgeous bottles, heavy but not huge, and they are in a lovely presentation box perfect for collectors, gift giving, or just lovers of all things elegant and lovely (moi? mais, bien sûr!)
I did love Organza when it was released- a rich creamy oriental floral with gourmand tendencies. A heart of white florals grounded with vanilla and woody notes- yum! It was an elegant scent that I wore when I was going out on the town and wanted to feel sexy and feminine. There was nothing quiet about Organza and it offered no apologies for being drop dead sexy. It still has legions of fans around the world and has become a classic.
The light is making this just glow 
As time goes on, for some, scent tastes change, and I moved away from my beloved Orientals (Opium, Dolce & Gabbana, Allure, Kenzo Jungle Elephant etc) and into simpler scents. I like to smell ladylike and feminine and hints of orange blossom or other notes that summon up soap really appeal to me. One of my favourite neroli scents is Laura Mercier Neroli- just simple clean straight up neroli, which, while lovely, isn’t always “enough”. 
The addition of this beautiful blossom to Organza is so unusual but somehow works for me. It is all neroli right off the top, with the green notes adding an unusual cologne note, then dries down to the creamy rich Organza I know so well. The floral notes play up beautifully and the green notes add a bubbly effervescence to Organza- actually making it a perfect version of Organza to wear in warmer weather, or more casually, but still with that drop dead diva appeal, just softer. There is a bergamot top note in the original Organza and adding the neroli somehow enhances the fruity effect but in a fresh way. But the neroli really makes the white florals at the heart of Organza shine.  Love it!

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