Glass Files for Beautiful Nails

If you aren’t using a glass file on your nails you should be. I have suffered from peeling and chipping fingernails forever- I’ve switched nail polish removers, used strengtheners and taken extra vitamins but nothing helped. I don’t like to keep them any longer than my finger tip and I keep them in a nice chic squoval shape which helps to keep them strong. What I learned is that emery board styled files have large sand like particles that are used to file down the nail. The size of these particles cause tears and jagged edges in the nail that make the nail prone to splitting, tearing and breaking. Who knew? Glass files are so fine that you almost wonder how they will actually file the nail but in desperation I bought one after findingthis oneat Sephora.
Using a glass file takes a little practice. The best way to file your nails and to keep them strong is to drag the file in one direction only- NO sawing back and forth as that causes even more tears in the nail. The glass file makes it hard to go back and forth and so you are forced to master a gentle filing action in one direction. Add too much pressure and you get a weird scraping that is akin to nails on a blackboard- not pleasant at all. The key to using the glass file correctly is to use very little pressure, almost just breezing it across the tip of your nails. Once you get the hang of the glass file it is very easy to use. I find that I have to file half as much as when I used emery boards- perhaps this is because my nails aren’t breaking and peeling and therefore keeping their shape between manicures.
You can clean your glass files as well so they are hygienic. If you want to file your nails down a little more add a drop of water to the file to increase the effectiveness and strength. I’ve tried this and was amazed at the results. Now while there are obviously many advantages to the glass nail file there is one obvious con- they are glass and therefore very fragile and will shatter if you drop them. 
The one I use from Sephora comes in a handy little plastic sleeve which helps protect it. I can’t imagine using any other kind of file at this point as the difference in my nail condition is so dramatic. There are also crystal nail files but I haven’t been able to determine the difference. What does seem to be important is that the ground surface is part of the file and not not glued on. A little soap and water and a nail brush and it’s a good as new. I got my glass file for $8 at Sephora and love it.
Have you tried a glass nail file? Do you love it?
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